Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sisters...Sisters...There were never such devoted sisters... :) Posted by Picasa

Happy Thanksgiving! (yep...go Broncos!!) Posted by Picasa

Going home from the hospital on Monday... Posted by Picasa

She's here!!! Alaska (we're calling her Allea) Ruth arrived safely Friday, Nov 18, at 8:49 am, weighing 7lbs, 3 oz, at 19.5 inches long. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Almost a month since our last update! However, I'm sure you'll all understand, when I mention how much sitting in the computer chair makes my hands and feet swell up...to the point that I can't scrapbook much now either. :( At least it's temporary!

I hope you all are doing well. We had a blast last night for Halloween, as you can see! And yes, I really did paint my tummy up as a jack-o-lantern for the night - I loved it and so did everyone else! Really, what's the use of having a wonderfully big round pg belly if you can't dress it up right for Halloween? ;) Plus, that was about all the costume I could do anyways...

Just an update babywise too...for those who don't know, we're scheduled for a repeat c-section the morning of Friday, Nov 18, at 7:30am...meaning we have to be at the hospital around 5:00am of course! It's what we did with Azx4 though, and it is so nice - just walk in and get things done, and then have all day Friday to count as recovery, so we should be released Monday around lunch time. My mom is coming to stay the week of Thanksgiving with us, and then Hubby's mom will come the week of Dec 4-10ish. (right Grammy? ;)) I'm onto weekly appts now, and everything is going well. My blood pressure is up a little, but it was so low during the rest of this pg, that I'm now up into "normal" levels. Having a little swelling, but nothing to worry about yet.

There's lots more going on I promise, but really, my fingers are about to the "can't type real good" point now, so I gotta sign off. Will post asap if something happens, but just know we're all okay and ready for November at the moment!

For those who wanted a belly shot...as of the picture, only 18 days to go!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween! Let's see...there's Tinkerbell, Batman, a farmer, and...is that really a pumpkin on her tummy?!? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

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The big birthday party

So Azx3's big birthday party was today. We invited his whole soccer team and a friend from church (since he was turning 6, he could invite 6 friends). I carefully planned all the details: he wanted Batman, so we had plates and napkins. What to do that was cheap? We decided to go to the Planetarium and see the new star show. (a buck for adults, most of his friends were still 5 and free!) Food: cupcakes. Drink: Hi-C. We were ready. And got there plenty early.

And had only one friend show up - from church. Not one single guy from the team even bothered to tell us they weren't coming. UGH!!! The greatest part of it all: it didn't even phase my son. He didn't care - he was so excited to have his friend Brett come to HIS party that he didn't even notice who wasn't there. (Sure bugged his mom and dad more though...) Anyways, he had a great time! The show was "sooo coool!" and since we weren't running around after 6 boys, we could tour the adjoining museum and their dinosaur exhibit. Then we had a picnic in the car (it was only 100 outside and they don't allow food inside) and he opened his present. Again, he had a blast, so his dad and I just decided not to worry about it. He's still talking about how cool it was to see the stars on the ceiling, so I know it was a home run!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

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The big birthday boy Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday son!

A big Happy Birthday to azx3!! He's six today, and it just blows my mind. I can't imagine life without him now, and I just marvel at how much he's grown. We've opened some presents this morning, and have a soccer game later today. Then the family is coming over this afternoon for some cake and presents.

Speaking of presents, I just have to share how thankful I am that my sister and aunt were able to be here. They both live in Houston. (insert big audience "ohhhhh") Their adventure started Thursday morning, around 5:30am loading their cars, and then onto the highway, around 8am. As of 5pm, they had made 20 miles. Out of town. Period. So my dad and mom prepared for a rescue mission. I know that sounds silly, but really and truly that's what it amounted to. They were still in the hurricane's path, and would have been in their cars on the highway when it struck. It scared me into tears when I called my dad to get an update, and he told me they would call me back in a minute cause they were trying to get things ready to leave that evening to go and rescue them.

And then, dum-da-dum!! Into the picture comes my hero husband!! After calming me down, he casually announces that Friday is his day off, and did I think he could help my parental units at all? I stared at him for probably a full minute, called my dad back, and all of a sudden there was a plan. My hubby and parents filled the back of my mom's suv with all of the full gas cans they could buy, plus snacks and water, and left literally Thursday night at 8pm. They drove straight to Brenham, and met my sister and aunt just south of there. They met around 4:30am, meaning by that time, not only had my sis and aunt been up for pretty much 24 hours, but they had been on the highway for almost that long. (Thank you Lord they both were in great new vehicles, with no worries about breakdowns, overheating, etc!!!!) After getting everyone a good rest, breakfast, and filling the cars (no thanks to the empty gas pumps there), they all returned back home, with my mom, dad, and hubby now driving the caravan of 3 cars. I have never been so relieved to see someone pull up in my driveway! My parents, hubby and sis made it back driving straight through around 5pm Friday. Unfortunately, one of the victims of the hurricane was my aunt's oldest cat in Gatesville, and she arrived later on Saturday. But hey, they were all safe and sound, and even better, the hurricane didn't directly hit Houston. Phew!

I know it sounds overly dramatic and probably goofy reading it, but until it's your family that's in harm's way...We were all glad they made it, and it was nice to have something positive (Azx3's birthday) to take our minds off of everything!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Grammy & Papa's visit

We had a nice visit from Grammy and Papa this weekend. They flew in Friday night, and flew out Sunday morning, so it was quick, but nice! Mainly, it was for Azx3's birthday next weekend, but I know Daddy and Papa had some good "guy" times together doing stuff around the house, as well as the grandkids OF COURSE being the apple of their grandparents' eyes!

We had lunch at Burger King on Saturday and then went to Azx3's soccer game. Unfortunately, they were playing against a much bigger and faster team, so you figure out why the score was so lopsided, but he still had a great time. Then we all crashed at home, and later went to TRU to get his big present from them - a Batman scooter! (the kind that requires foot power, think Fred Flintstone). He loves it! After a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden, we all came home to get ready for Sunday. Baths for the kids, more projects for Daddy and Papa, and Azx3 got his last present. It was so cute - it's a personalized Dora the Explorer video for him. Titled "Who's Birthday is it?", Dora says his name throughout it, and his picture is used as the head for his character. Even better, they find at the end it's his birthday! The best part was watching his face each time she said his name - it was a combo of surprise and excitment.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

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This big balloon is really going up in the sky? Posted by Picasa

Busy Saturday

I think it's always interesting to see when the calendar says Fall starts. Usually it starts earlier at my house, because I can always tell by how busy we suddenly become on the weekends. Have you ever noticed how many more things happen in the fall than in the spring? Well this was our first busy Saturday, so I decided it's Fall now.

We started out leaving the house at 6:30 am to get to the Balloon Festival just south of town. Yep, we left at 6:30....meaning we were up muuuuuuuuuuucccccchhhhhh earlier. We were all glad we went though - it was small but a blast! The kids got to see up close how a hot air balloon and basket are assembled and inflated. Literally, the edge of the balloon was only about 10 feet away. I think they really got the idea after the first one went up, as all of a sudden we were running around the field to find where the next one to go was. While I only counted about 7 or so that actually made it up, we still had a great time watching and looking. I know the kids had a blast!

Then we went south of that field to a street where the same little town was holding a harvest parade. Not really anything to get excited about - the town's less than 5000 strong, but it was great for the kids. (and doesn't that make it worth it all?) It reminded me of growing up when I would go spend a week in Dumas, Tx, with my maternal grandmother, and they would have a parade for the high school homecoming. You know the kind, homemade floats, homemade costumes, and the best part for the kids: everyone's throwing candy from them! Aiken only brought home literally a pound of stuff.

Since we weren't finished yet with our crazy day, we then went to the National Cowboy Symposium downtown. We weren't going to pay admission, but we did catch the end of the Parade of Horses. Then we wandered around the grounds outside looking. I'm so glad we did - we found the carriage rides. Of course we had to wait for the Cinderella coach to come. Daddy wasn't really interested in riding (gee, why not?) so the kids and I hopped on and he met us at the next stop. Azx3 loved just riding, and kept craning his neck around to see the horses. Azx4 was just in AWE that she was riding in "Cinderella's coach!" I mean it made her day. Then we all walked around the chuckwagons, getting ready for the cook-offs, and found the Native American pow-wow.

After that, Daddy had to go to work, Azx4 went to GrandMommy's for some play and a much-needed nap, and Azx3 and I went to his soccer game. Then we came home for a nap! Phew! It was a great fun, but busy day!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This and That...

while being so thankful that neither I nor any member of my family currently lives anywhere near the path that Katrina took. My hubby and I have talked at length about what we would have done, when we would have left, what we would have taken, etc. I can't imagine the devastation down there, and our prayers are with that entire region. By the way, how much is gas in your neck of the woods? It was $2.49 Monday, $2.74 yesterday, and $2.99 today. Rumor has it it'll be up to $3.49 by Monday, so we are down to one vehicle. Per the budget's request...again, not a particularly pleasant accomodation, but thankful that our cars are sitting in the driveway, not floating under 20+ ft of water.

We're all doing well. Daddy is out of town again today, but thankfully it's just a day trip - he'll be back llaaaaaaattteee tonight. Since he had to be at the airport at 6:30 this morning, we all came back home and took a nap til it was time to take Bubba to school, and are all currently taking a wonderful afternoon nap as well. When someone is fussy about how the mustard was poured on his hot dog, you know it's time for a nap!

Speaking of, he is still loving Kindergarten. When he came home talking about "that little black hole in your eye" (pupil) and how it works with light yesterday, I was amazed. Listening to his emerging reading (which gets better every day) is so much fun. He is the star of the day this month the day before his birthday, which should be exciting, and takes his first field trip just a few days later, so I think he'll have a fun few weeks.

Azx4 and I were looking at pictures this morning of her less than 3 months old, and she started saying (of her own accord) "my baby sis-er". I said no, that's you, baby sister is in mama's tummy. She looked at me, wrinkled her brow, and then said,"No act-you-all-ee mama, baby sis-er in MY tummy!" and patted her belly button. She has even carried this over to informing Bubba at lunch. Pretty cute if you ask me!

The first (of many I'm sure) Daddy/Daughter dance Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Daddy comes home today!

And we are all so glad! Not that it's been a hard week really at all, but it will be nice to have another adult in the house. (As much as I enjoy wondering where Pooh Bear has hidden, since he was in the Cinderella lego box the last 20 times, I imagine he is still there...) The kids have missed him too. They have both asked about him at least once a day. Azx3 goes to the fridge map we have of the US and points to Texarkana when he gets home from school, and Azx4 asks every morning when she comes in our room where he is, then tells me he's on the airplane to go to work. We go pick him up today after naptime.

Azx4 and I played a memory game today - you know, where you turn the cards over and find the matches. She did really well, as we played it simple - I left the pictures face up. She would pick up a card and we would work on finding it's match. Considering there were only 72 cards, I was impressed that she made it down to the last 12 before losing interest. Having the pictures be from Toy Story probably helped too. She's doing okay with potty training too - will go if you get her on the potty. We're just not getting everything in the potty yet. I figure it's not time to worry about that yet - I have til November. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005

A Busy Day

A busy day! We got up this morning and took Daddy to the airport. He has flown off to Texarkana until Thursday afternoon, so we're on our own for a few days. Then it was back home, with enough time to get Azx3 a bath and off to school, and then Azx4 and I found ourselves back home...by ourselves.

It was a really nice morning. She and I haven't really had much time to ourselves, and I think we both enjoyed it. She surprised me this morning singing the "abc's" at the fridge (where we have her little Fridge Phonics thing) and made it all the way to "v". She did leave out a few, but considering she hasn't ever made it past "e" before, I was impressed!

Azx3 has his first homework assignment due tomorrow. As much as I've tried to defend it, I must completely confess I think it is ridiculous to give kindergarteners homework - no matter how easy it is! His assignment was to cut out five pictures of things that start with the letter "m". His first flip through the magazine (all 150+ pages) he announced that he couldn't find anything. Second time, we found one - Mickey Mouse. The next time resulted in a glass of milk. Then the light finally clicked on - he proceeded to cut out nondescript pictures of a man and a woman - a "mom" and a "man". The last one was a chalk drawing of heaven knows what kind of animal that he pronounced a "monster". Phew! It only took us 45 minutes!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

We survived! (and a prayer request)

We survived the first half week of Kindergarten!! Hurray! (and yes, sometimes you need to celebrate these kinds of things...) He seems to really be enjoying it. The only meltdown we've had was yesterday morning, and my personal, professional Mommy opinion was that it had more to do with trying to get out of cleaning up his book pile that not wanting to go to school. No tears since. Today they had to bring a teddy bear, and dressed up in adult-sized clothes for a Teddy Bear picnic. Azx3 told me he wore a hat and a dress-up shirt, 'cause he was a daddy. Sadly, no I do not have pictures - parents weren't invited. And I have a sneaking suspicion it's due to the several little ones still having tears yesterday at drop-off and pick-up, rather than not being cute.

A big prayer request for us - wisdom as far as hubby's job. Or potential ones. We just need wisdom to know which way to proceed, as looming decisions will affect where the baby is born, hubby's continuance in school, Azx3's kindergarten, etc. Will let you know if I find anything definite out, but as for now, we could use all the prayers we can get. Thanks!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

All grown up now...first day of Kindergarten, Wednesday 8-17-05 Posted by Picasa

The First Day of School

So it finally arrived. In some ways, I think it was bigger for Mama than Azx3. We actually kinda started the night before, with all our preparations. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner, per his request. We walked in, and the greeter asked if we were celebrating anything special. I said he was starting Kindergarten tomorrow, and choked over the last word and teared up. Then we came home and got him all ready - picked out his clothes, got his backpack ready, picked out his baby picture to take, and got the cameras ready.

That morning he was excited, but not as much as I thought he'd be. I think maybe he was a little apprehensive too. We had a nice family breakfast and loaded up to go. I drove, which was probably good as I couldn't get too teary yet, since I still had to be able to see. We arrived and just like all the other families, took a million pictures of him walking in, putting his backpack in his locker, meeting his teacher, etc. After he was settled in his center (reading - his favorite!), I could barely disturb him from his book to say bye, forget getting a hug or kiss. As we walked back to the car, I could feel the tears coming on, but was proud of myself, as I waited until we were all in the car with the door shut before I broke down.

He is so ready. He knows all his letters, knows the sounds, and is even reading a bit. He knows his manners, knows how to help and follow directions, knows how to play nice and share, and loves being around other kids. I am so excited for him, as I know this is just the beginning of the rest of his life, and what an adventure awaits him!

As his mother, I weep with tears of joy and pride for the reasons above, with a tinge of sadness (and probably a mix of pg hormones) for the time of his being home only with me gone, and I laugh and smile as I watch his achievements progress. Then I turn my head and see how this is just the start of my being a "school Mom", as I have 1.5 more at home needing me. I know it's harder emotionally on me being pregnant (Yes, just play along!) but I can't even begin to imagine what I'll feel like on this day when #3 is off to school. Let's just not go there...and enjoy the feeling that it's easier to watch him leave today, as I have to answer a million questions at home about where Bubba went, work on potty training, and enjoy all the kicking and dancing in my belly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday big girl! Posted by Picasa

How cute!! Posted by Picasa

Catch Up (Part II)

Okay, so here's part 2...

On July 25, my little girl turned 2. What a hoot she is! She talks up a storm - really, we asked the pediatrician about it, and she said just based on listening to Azx4, she probably has the vocab of at least a 3-yr-old. It's amazing to listen to her - to see how her world looks through her eyes, how her little brain processes things, and how much she tries to be like us, especially her mama. She had a good birthday too - Elmo her friend was her theme, and she got lots of goodies. Highlights: a first little jewelry box and charm bracelet, a beautiful sterling silver brush and comb set, Mrs. Potato Head, and the hit of the night was Bubba's gift of Cinderella legos. Fortunately, we did have the video camera rolling, so we were able to capture her cuteness: upon opening a gift of clothes, she promptly held the shirt up to her shoulders and proclaimed,"How cute!" I am so proud of her, and while I can remember our family before her, I cannot imagine it without her.

Update on my garden: we came back from vacation to find it had exploded! Or just hit the point of summer where it was really growing...finally. We've enjoyed one batch of pickles from our cucumbers, before they succumbed to a mold problem. (That's what 3 inches of rain in one weekend will do to your plants!) The pumpkin is really growing a long vine with lots of leaves and blooms, but no pumpkins yet. Tomatoes are surviving, but no blooms yet. The watermelons have taken off - 3 that are about softball size as of this writing, but I'm honestly not sure when to pick them. Will wait and see. I'm not terribly disappointed that my garden didn't just flourish this year - it's my first ever attempt, and frankly I think I've done pretty darn good. Plus, it's a container garden, and the lady at the home improvement store warned me that they are much harder to maintain and grow much smaller fruit - both in quantity and size. What I have learned is that definitely next year I'm going to dedicate a corner of our backyard and have a decent one. I love the idea of growing things for my family to eat, of being able to can a little bit and have stuff to eat later on, and I'm already planning out what to grow. (a salsa corner, a pickle corner with my own dill, blackeyed peas, yum!!)

Again, I apologize for not getting this up to date sooner. It's really hitting me hard that my oldest, my son will start Kindergarten in less than a week at this point. I'm trying to really dedicate our time left until then as just family time. In fact, he and Azx4 and I just got back from Grammy & Papa's house. It was a great break for everyone - Grammy & Papa got to see him one more time before he starts school, Azx4 went and learned she can go without Mama and Daddy there, and Daddy and I had some really nice quality time to ourselves. Honestly, I hadn't been away from my kiddos (at the same time) for more than one night since before Azx4 was born. I did some laundry and cleaning/organizing, but basically scrapped while they were gone and watched movies - loved it!! I know they had a blast while they were gone too - but now we're home and I'm exhausted. PHew!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

What a sweet profile! The little bubble thing by her nose is just part of the cord that happened to float into the picture. Posted by Picasa

The feet are on the left with the legs stretched all the way out...did I mention that both the tech and the doctor were impressed with how long her legs are and how big her feet are already? Posted by Picasa

The Biiiiiig Ultrasound!

So we had the "official" ultrasound today...official meaning it's the one my doctor goes by as far as due date, etc. Was with the same dr and staff who have done my previous two kiddos, which is nice. We got in there, and decided to see the "goods" but not to have them tell us anything. So in our unofficial uneducated opinion, we are having a.......

Girl!! We're about 85-90% sure she's a girl. There wasn't anything there...grin. She was really active and moving the whole time which was fun, as I could feel it and see it on the screen. The tech checked all the technical stuff out, and then the dr came in just to double check a few things.

I think the best part for me was that my dad got to come with hubby and I. It was really special for me to watch the two guys get kinda ga-ga watching the baby move and hearing all their comments.

Well as far as baby goes, everything is right on track for our due date. All the parts are there and working. We got to see the 4-chambered heart and watch it beat (and hear it) for a bit. Plus we saw the brain, the spine, the hands, the feet. I just can't describe how amazing it is to see what's going on inside of my womb - been feeling it for a while, but to see it with my eyes, to have some other people able to share in that part of the miracle is astounding. To see how delicate and tiny and still intricate already this little body is just blows my mind. To see with my own two eyes the Lord's fingers at work, to know the same hands that scooped out oceans and set stars and planets in the sky have come together inside this seemingly insignificant little person that I am and knit together my child with such love and intricacy, down to the tiniest nerve and vein...as the Psalmist says,"His works are wonderful; I know that FULL well." (139:14)

Friday, July 29, 2005

Catch-up!! (Part I)

So I'm obviously waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy behind on updating this thing. That's what vacation will do to you I guess. We had a blast! I'm working through our 500+ pictures we took and trying to figure out what to post. I'm going to try and put them in a special "vacation" category, so you can go straight to that and follow our adventure day-by-day if you want, while still staying updated on the main page too.

To catch up then...

We got back safe and sound late Tuesday night (7/6). I went to work the next day and discovered that the place of business was closing as of 7/15. Yep, as of that Friday, I am no longer working. Which has been so nice. Even though I was only working Wed/Friday mornings, I have learned of myself that I would rather be at home with my children than anything else in the world. Period.

Speaking of, we did not have our ultrasound that Thursday, due to our insurance being goofy. Apparently there are only 2 places in town that take it. So we waited until that following Monday (7/11) and went with the hospital radiology people. Not the greatest u/s I've ever had by far, but very reassuring - everything is where it's supposed to be and working (tummy was full at the start of it, and then at the end tummy was empty and the bladder was full! ;) ). The neatest part of it all was taking the kids. Even Azx4 seemed to understand and be engaged for a minute or two. Azx3 loved it! He remembered from when I was pg with his sister, so this was neat and exciting for him: I saw baby's hands! (they were up by his/her face - looked like we were playing peekaboo during the whole thing) I saw baby's feet and toes! I think that was by far the best part for me - watching my older 2 in awe of their new sibling. :D By the way, we didn't even have an option to check out the "goods" - so don't ask, we don't know.

The other thing I've been trying to prepare for (physically and emotionally) is that Azx3 starts Kindergarten in a little over 2 weeks. Here where I live, that is the first year of mandatory schooling - meaning my little baby is starting school this year. He is so ready, ready socially for little friends, ready mentally to learn, ready for the schedule, just ready. His mama ain't! No really, I am ready for him to go and quit tormenting his sister when she doesn't act like an almost-6-yr-old. I'm excited for him to grow up a little bit, and for all he will learn. I'm just not ready for the changes it means, for how it means our family is changing, growing older. He is my firstborn, the one who taught me how it is to be a mama, what it means to mother a helpless baby, what true unconditional love is and how it can be simply said with a toothless grin, and he helped me learn (whether I was ready to or not) how much strength and love I had inside me to give. He has shown me what an absolutely incredible gift God has given me in a son, what an amazing wonderful perfect-for-me man the Lord blessed me with in a husband, and how I need to tell them both this daily. Are you weepy yet? I am, just considering the enormity of what it is to send your child to school, and what it means for the both of you.

We have had a great summer looking back on it. We really have - we (meaning the kids and I and Daddy when his schedule allowed) went to family music classes as long as they were offered, we've been to playgroups, we've been to the park so often it has our footprints, we've been to the library and storytimes, we've swam in our pool, we've all just had a blast being our little family. And I am so proud, and thankful, and will cherish these memories the rest of my life of the last summer before my kids started out (one by one in their own times) into the great big world without their parents.

There's more to update, but I'm going to close this entry now. Just a note for me and a preview for you for next time - Azx4's second bday, my garden, and some more.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Vacation Plans

So, like I mentioned last time, we are leaving on vacation this Friday. I thought I'd go ahead and let you know our plans - obviously I don't know if/when I'll be able to give an update here until we get back, but we'll see....

Friday, 6/24: Leave home after I get off work at 1pm, drive to Denver - stay at Gran/Codfish's house

Saturday, 6/25: Drive to Casper for family reunion, staying with Dave/Darla

Sunday, 6/26: Don't really know how this day will play out, as we obviously want to spend as much time as possible with relatives still in town, but the plan is to at minimum arrive in Cody by supper/dark that night; we are camping there

Monday, 6/27: A full day in Cody, we plan to maybe see the museums or some "cowboy stuff" there, plus hit the rodeo that night, still camping

Tuesday 6/28: Drive into Yellowstone, spend the day in the park, exploring (as much as a family with a pg mom and an almost-2-yr-old can!) the upper/northeast side of things, staying in hotel in Gardiner

Wednesday, 6/29: Exploring west/southern part of Yellowstone, staying in hotel in West Yellowstone

Thursday, 6/30: Drive down to Grand Teton NP, exploring there (as much as bears will let us!), camping there

Friday, 7/1: Drive back to Casper, staying night with Dave/Darla

Saturday, 7/2: Drive back to Denver, time to play and stay with Gran/Codfish - I think Azx3 is going to the golf course this day with Codfish, maybe some shopping?!?

Sunday, 7/3: More time in Denver, maybe the zoo and children's museum?, drive by the new Mile High?, not much officially planned, just playing it by ear

Monday, 7/4: Happy 4th of July! I'm sure there will be all kinds of festivities today, topped off (a BIG thanks to Gran and Codfish for this one!!!!) by the Rockies game that night with fireworks afterwards!!

Tuesday, 7/5: Drive home, happy and weary

Should be a full and fun trip! The great thing is, the only times/deadlines we have to meet are the check-in times at hotels and the Rockies game. Nothing else (except where we're staying) is set in stone - so we can really go with the flow, or naptimes, as the case may be. We are all so excited!!

Happy Father's Day!

Whew! Yesterday was busy, but fun. We let Daddy sleep in for the morning (or at least until the absolute last minute before we were really late for church!), went to SS, then took him out to eat before he had to go to work. Yes, (sigh) he had to work on Father's Day, but it's the trade off for being able to go on vacation. He didn't have to go in til noon though, so we took him to eat at Rockfish, which was good - yum! shrimp!!! - and he enjoyed it. Then we went home to do such constructive things as naptime, painting Azx4's toenails, and baking cookies. Then it was off to Daddy's store to check out some clothes for me, then to GrandMommy's for a minute, and then back home.

We are very blessed to have some wonderful friends from church that I met with last night to look at/borrow their camping stuff. We leave on vacation this Friday!!! and it can't come soon enough. Take that back - yes it can, cause I haven't even finished laundry yet, much less started packing. AAaaaaccckkkKK!! Anyways, they have let us borrow their tent, as well as the myriad of camping things one needs: lanterns, rope, all kinds of cooking-outdoors-type-stuff, just really this huge box that we were able to borrow and use whatever we need. I just hope we can find somethign really special for them as a thank-you gift up in Yellowstone or Grand Tetons - they have gone out of their way to help us have a great time on vacation.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Baby Doctor Appt today!

As Azx3 likes to say....we had a regular check-up today. Everything was great - I've only gained 6 lbs (and I'm in my 2nd trimester with my 3rd), and my blood pressure was low like normal. Heartbeat was 162 (at last visit it was 174), and no real concerns right now. The "big" ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday, July 7, at 8:40 in the morning. I'm wavering on whether or not to find out the sex then - Hubby is kinda indecisive too. Part of me is wanting to plan everything, so I "need" to know. Another part of me thinks that this one we won't have to plan as much for anyways, so why not let one of the last big secrets of life just stay a secret?

I can hear the groans of family now.... ;) Don't worry - we're not going to tell you the name either way, so you can quit holding your breath on that one! Besides, we still have about 3 weeks to decide. Or I guess what we could do is just find out and not tell anyone - let you all guess. Or maybe have the technician find "that area" and let us guess - but not tell us officially. Don't really know what we'll do - but you'll know what we decide. :D

Summer Camp

Azx3 started what we're calling "summer camp" today. He loves it!! It's actually just a pdo program that is on the mornings I work. It's at a Lutheran church here in town, and it was such an answer to prayer. (How else do you explain it being on Wed/Fri during the summer?!?) Anyways, he has 7 in his class, and his teacher is a mom I know from where I work. On the way home, he only mentioned how much he loved it three times - without any questions!! He also informed me that their story was about Jesus and His friends, where they were on a lake, and Jesus took a nap, and the friends got scared, cause a storm started, and Jesus woke up and said,"Water be still!" and it minded Him. Cause He's God. ;)

On another note, he also had what is officially his last speech appt this morning. He passed with flying colors, with only 1 area being a tad bit below age-appropriateness. (The others were all waaaaaay above age-level, I'm proud to brag!) Our speech therapist is a precious lady, with 3 kids of her own, and has been so helpful and kind working with us. While I won't miss trying to keep Abbigail in line during the appointments, I will miss getting to visit with Ms. J.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lil Miss Thang

She is such a hoot right now! I mean, really, it's hard to have a complete miserable day with her around - not that we don't have our moments at home (No more grabbing!!!), but it's hard to have a complete wash of a day. She will stop to be sooooo serious and sit next to you on the couch. It's one of those Mom moments I love - you know, where you drop everything to sit next to your toddler and have a "serious" conversation. Yesterday's was a complete review of all her favorite animals we saw at the zoo - in the order we saw them. She would mention one ("Shah-aff?" - giraffe) and I would nod yes, and if I didn't respond quick enough, she would say,"Yoooo seed it?" And then, when we had finished her list, it was like a switch turned, she was no longer serious, gave me a huge grin, and hopped off to go do whatever it is she thought she needed to do. :D

Today was precious - and a HUGE encouragement to me. She is really into stuffed animals right now. So she preceded to carry one around today - picking up a new one about every 30 mins or so - and love it to death. (Really, if this had been real animals, she would have squished them into the Happy Hunting Grounds!) She would hug/squish it for a few seconds, then kiss it (open-mouthed of course!), and then make this "awwwwwwwwwwwww" sound. Then it was time to parade the animal to Mama so she could share the love as well. It was pretty cute - then, as she would take the animal back to her room to find another, she would say,"I wub yooooo" over and over to it. I just loved watching it - literally it went on all day long, as she just incorporated it into whatever she was doing. It suddenly occurred to me that this was a huge compliment to hubby and I on our parenting - children will only do what they have seen modeled before them. ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Flag Day! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Again, not great, but thought you should see almost-baseball-size hail. Just one of these will knock your windshield out, your house windows out, and damage your roof pretty much immediately. Fun times! Posted by Hello

Sorry it's not great - but the one in the middle is a golfball, the other two are hailstones. If you get enough of these in your car windshield, it looks like it's been shot out. Posted by Hello

VBS and Gardening

For those who are interested, VBS has started at our church. This is Azx3's second year to go, and he loves it! I am really praying for him this week (it's Sunday-Thursday night from 6-8:30), as I was his age when I accepted Christ in VBS. ***hint, hint to those of you prayer warriors....**** :D

By the way, have I mentioned I've taken up container gardening? Yep, I have. Partly due to my friend Jen's incredible tomatoes, partly due to that spring feeling of new beginnings, growing things, etc. Actually, it really kinda started with Azx3 bringing home a little thing from Mission Friends where they had planted sunflower seeds. So I went to go get a pot for that, and came home with 3 pots, planting soil, and tomato seeds. I am loving it! I'll get to the reason why I'm only using pots and not just putting things in the ground in a minute, but it is too much fun! And addicting - I love going out in the morning and seeing what has grown/changed. Now I'm up to 2 tomato seedlings, Azx3's monster sunflower plants (but no buds yet), 2 cucumber plants, 2 watermelon seedlings, 1 cucumber squash seedling, and some pumpkin seeds that haven't done anything yet - but I just planted them yesterday.

The main reason I am doing them in pots has been our crazy weather lately. In the last two-three weeks, we have had major rain (like over an inch each time), major hail (have you ever seen/even heard of baseball-sized hail?), and even some tornadoes for a grand total of almost every other night with a storm. Now I realize the porch won't save them from a tornado, but I know keeping them out of the hail has saved them already. We've been very fortunate to not have had any damage here at my house, but many people in the city have had multiple nights of major hail damage to their roofs, cars, and many of the local farmers are having to start over crop-wise this late in the season. I'll see if I can find a few pictures to post - you gotta see this stuff to believe it!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Azx4 loved the elephants. Really.  Posted by Hello

Down to H-Town

So we went this weekend down to H-town to help my parents move the rest of my sister's stuff. It was mostly fun - when you're moving, whether your stuff or someone else's, it's just not all fun. Sorry, but it's not. My mom rode with the kids and I in the car, while my dad stood on the accelerator in the moving truck to lead the way. :p Then we all rode together on the way home, which was some good family time. It was so nice to see my sister and "the Grand Aunt" while we were down there. I don't know who missed whom the most: my sister or my kids. Plus it was just too long since we'd seen TGA period.

The kids really did a good job behaving in spite of all the moving stuff going on. I'm afraid I might not have been the most patient or understanding (particularly when I felt hot and irritable!!) but again, for the most part it was fun. I la-la-loved Central Market! Let me just say that if we ever move there, I could definitely blow the whole budget there, not just the grocery part. We just don't have anything even close here. Plus, I loved the little shopping area where we ate breakfast at Le Peep's. (I think it would win for my all-time fav breakfast place!)

One thing we did do that really helped the kids was escape to the zoo. (I say escape as it was in the middle of unloading the moving truck in two different places - an almost 2-yr-old, a 5-yr-old, and a pg lady ain't much good for that.) Azx3 was fabulous about understanding that we could stay until GrandMommy called, and never fussed a whit. We were there for a couple of hours and saw pretty much everything we wanted to. It's been interesting, as this is the first thing Azx4 seems to really "remember" and recall. In detail - she's remembered previous outings to say, Grammy's house, or Chuck-e-Cheese's, but never anything we did or saw there. Now, if you ask her what we saw at the zoo, she'll list her top 3 (and in the order we saw them too!): the giraffe (grr-aff), elephant (eh-fant), and the owl (owwww-lll, hoo-hoo!).

For inquiring minds that want to know, our summer is getting busy: we leave on the 24th for almost a full 2-week vacation, I want us to get back to H-town before the end of summer, we're going to Abilene the 2nd weekend of July, and we are going to Grammy and Papa's maybe the first weekend in August before school starts. I guess better to get our traveling in now, before Azx3 can't go because of school (is he really old enough to say that yet?!?!?) and I get too big and far along to travel. Phew!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Out in Our Front Yard

We are so blessed, so fortunate to be able to play out in our front yard and our back yard. We have grass in both, and both are a really large size. (imho, anyways) Sometimes the front is a better bet, as there aren't any of our 4-legged beasts to lick, wack, stomp, or otherwise run over you or your toys there as well.

Today, Azx4 was fascinated by the birds out front. Normally we have a few, but they are rather fearful, and disappear as soon as you look their way. We have quite an assortment though: robins, blue jays, the occasional cardinal, doves, sparrows, and chickadees. We usually try and have some bird seed out front or back to make sure we always have friends to watch and listen to. I say all this to show you how commonplace these creatures are here, and why she was just discovering them today, I'll never know. But she stopped suddenly (almost falling over - love that toddler balance!) and looked and pointed and said in that cute amazement/whisper voice: "BIRD!" There were indeed a few chickadees investigating the edge of our grass to see if there was any leftover bird seed there. She ran toward them, stopped, crouched down, and then did her goofy ostrich-leg walk towards them. To my amazement, one actually stayed until she was within a foot. I wished I had my camera out - it would have been a great picture - she was almost down on the ground, with this bird less than a foot away looking right up at her. They stared at each other for a minute, then the bird hopped away, and she decided bubbles were more exciting.

Azx3 has gotten his first bicycle. He has a "schwinn" one, the smallest kind with training wheels, and a Hot Wheels helmet. He's really not sure about this yet - we'll probably get it out this weekend and test it. I think it's the height of the bike that bothers him - he wavers between "Oh I'm a big boy now! This is super cool!" to "Nope. Can't do it. Just can't do it." We'll see how he does when the rubber meets the road...

And speaking of bikes and training wheels, this all brought back memories of my first bike - it was blue, and I remember my dad working with me to ride it. (And no I don't remember EVER wearing a helmet.) I remember the first time he let go of me - no training wheels - on the driveway in Mansfield. I was so scared, concentrating on getting it right, remembering I had to pedal and steer all at once!, and hearing his reassuring voice, telling me that was the way, that I could do it. Brings a special grin to my face and my heart even now...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Update on us (Finally!)

Sorry it's been a while, but you know how life is with 2.5 little ones - busy and hectic and fun!! We're all doing well here.

Azx3 finally finished up soccer, and he loved it! He had a great time, a great team and coach, and just overall loved it! He scored a couple of goals over the season, and was excited about his trophy. We had a big pizza party at Chuck E Cheese's after the last game, so it was good to play around with his teammates there. If he wants to play again in the fall, we can request the same team, so that's nice to know.

Azx4 is really talking now. She's working on 3 and 4 word sentences. It's cute to see what she comes up with next. She's also started counting - from 1 to 10, she can get all the numbers in, usually not in the right order though. She's also working on her abc's - all letters she calls "c's", and she knows a few just by sight. Any letter "o" she can find a mile away. Have I mentioned she loves the Baby Mozart videos? Even the ones Bubba didn't like at her age.

I'm doing good relatively speaking. I'm at 13 weeks tomorrow, and by the way, thanks to all of you who sent out well wishes. I've sure needed them - been sick as all get out (way more than with the other two) since about 6 weeks. And I mean sick - all day, limited to pb&j, salads, chicken, and nothing that has even touched a drop of oil - whether fried, sauted, or whatever. It finally seems to be fading! I'm finally in maternity clothes too - got them all out of the attic and washed yesterday.

It's been really hot here lately. Yesterday we hit 101. Joy. It's just the end of May. However, it was pretty funny yesterday. The kids and I were playing around in the wading pool, and because of the shadows from the trees in the backyard and the clouds passing by, we had to get out because we were cold. The local news was on as we came in, and the weather guy announced we had just hit 101. I thought it was amusing.

Hope this finds you all well, and I will really make an effort to keep this updated more often.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The soccer champion! (while we're glad he had fun, it is nice to have our Saturdays back for a bit...) Posted by Hello