Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This and That...

while being so thankful that neither I nor any member of my family currently lives anywhere near the path that Katrina took. My hubby and I have talked at length about what we would have done, when we would have left, what we would have taken, etc. I can't imagine the devastation down there, and our prayers are with that entire region. By the way, how much is gas in your neck of the woods? It was $2.49 Monday, $2.74 yesterday, and $2.99 today. Rumor has it it'll be up to $3.49 by Monday, so we are down to one vehicle. Per the budget's request...again, not a particularly pleasant accomodation, but thankful that our cars are sitting in the driveway, not floating under 20+ ft of water.

We're all doing well. Daddy is out of town again today, but thankfully it's just a day trip - he'll be back llaaaaaaattteee tonight. Since he had to be at the airport at 6:30 this morning, we all came back home and took a nap til it was time to take Bubba to school, and are all currently taking a wonderful afternoon nap as well. When someone is fussy about how the mustard was poured on his hot dog, you know it's time for a nap!

Speaking of, he is still loving Kindergarten. When he came home talking about "that little black hole in your eye" (pupil) and how it works with light yesterday, I was amazed. Listening to his emerging reading (which gets better every day) is so much fun. He is the star of the day this month the day before his birthday, which should be exciting, and takes his first field trip just a few days later, so I think he'll have a fun few weeks.

Azx4 and I were looking at pictures this morning of her less than 3 months old, and she started saying (of her own accord) "my baby sis-er". I said no, that's you, baby sister is in mama's tummy. She looked at me, wrinkled her brow, and then said,"No act-you-all-ee mama, baby sis-er in MY tummy!" and patted her belly button. She has even carried this over to informing Bubba at lunch. Pretty cute if you ask me!

The first (of many I'm sure) Daddy/Daughter dance Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Daddy comes home today!

And we are all so glad! Not that it's been a hard week really at all, but it will be nice to have another adult in the house. (As much as I enjoy wondering where Pooh Bear has hidden, since he was in the Cinderella lego box the last 20 times, I imagine he is still there...) The kids have missed him too. They have both asked about him at least once a day. Azx3 goes to the fridge map we have of the US and points to Texarkana when he gets home from school, and Azx4 asks every morning when she comes in our room where he is, then tells me he's on the airplane to go to work. We go pick him up today after naptime.

Azx4 and I played a memory game today - you know, where you turn the cards over and find the matches. She did really well, as we played it simple - I left the pictures face up. She would pick up a card and we would work on finding it's match. Considering there were only 72 cards, I was impressed that she made it down to the last 12 before losing interest. Having the pictures be from Toy Story probably helped too. She's doing okay with potty training too - will go if you get her on the potty. We're just not getting everything in the potty yet. I figure it's not time to worry about that yet - I have til November. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005

A Busy Day

A busy day! We got up this morning and took Daddy to the airport. He has flown off to Texarkana until Thursday afternoon, so we're on our own for a few days. Then it was back home, with enough time to get Azx3 a bath and off to school, and then Azx4 and I found ourselves back ourselves.

It was a really nice morning. She and I haven't really had much time to ourselves, and I think we both enjoyed it. She surprised me this morning singing the "abc's" at the fridge (where we have her little Fridge Phonics thing) and made it all the way to "v". She did leave out a few, but considering she hasn't ever made it past "e" before, I was impressed!

Azx3 has his first homework assignment due tomorrow. As much as I've tried to defend it, I must completely confess I think it is ridiculous to give kindergarteners homework - no matter how easy it is! His assignment was to cut out five pictures of things that start with the letter "m". His first flip through the magazine (all 150+ pages) he announced that he couldn't find anything. Second time, we found one - Mickey Mouse. The next time resulted in a glass of milk. Then the light finally clicked on - he proceeded to cut out nondescript pictures of a man and a woman - a "mom" and a "man". The last one was a chalk drawing of heaven knows what kind of animal that he pronounced a "monster". Phew! It only took us 45 minutes!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

We survived! (and a prayer request)

We survived the first half week of Kindergarten!! Hurray! (and yes, sometimes you need to celebrate these kinds of things...) He seems to really be enjoying it. The only meltdown we've had was yesterday morning, and my personal, professional Mommy opinion was that it had more to do with trying to get out of cleaning up his book pile that not wanting to go to school. No tears since. Today they had to bring a teddy bear, and dressed up in adult-sized clothes for a Teddy Bear picnic. Azx3 told me he wore a hat and a dress-up shirt, 'cause he was a daddy. Sadly, no I do not have pictures - parents weren't invited. And I have a sneaking suspicion it's due to the several little ones still having tears yesterday at drop-off and pick-up, rather than not being cute.

A big prayer request for us - wisdom as far as hubby's job. Or potential ones. We just need wisdom to know which way to proceed, as looming decisions will affect where the baby is born, hubby's continuance in school, Azx3's kindergarten, etc. Will let you know if I find anything definite out, but as for now, we could use all the prayers we can get. Thanks!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

All grown up now...first day of Kindergarten, Wednesday 8-17-05 Posted by Picasa

The First Day of School

So it finally arrived. In some ways, I think it was bigger for Mama than Azx3. We actually kinda started the night before, with all our preparations. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner, per his request. We walked in, and the greeter asked if we were celebrating anything special. I said he was starting Kindergarten tomorrow, and choked over the last word and teared up. Then we came home and got him all ready - picked out his clothes, got his backpack ready, picked out his baby picture to take, and got the cameras ready.

That morning he was excited, but not as much as I thought he'd be. I think maybe he was a little apprehensive too. We had a nice family breakfast and loaded up to go. I drove, which was probably good as I couldn't get too teary yet, since I still had to be able to see. We arrived and just like all the other families, took a million pictures of him walking in, putting his backpack in his locker, meeting his teacher, etc. After he was settled in his center (reading - his favorite!), I could barely disturb him from his book to say bye, forget getting a hug or kiss. As we walked back to the car, I could feel the tears coming on, but was proud of myself, as I waited until we were all in the car with the door shut before I broke down.

He is so ready. He knows all his letters, knows the sounds, and is even reading a bit. He knows his manners, knows how to help and follow directions, knows how to play nice and share, and loves being around other kids. I am so excited for him, as I know this is just the beginning of the rest of his life, and what an adventure awaits him!

As his mother, I weep with tears of joy and pride for the reasons above, with a tinge of sadness (and probably a mix of pg hormones) for the time of his being home only with me gone, and I laugh and smile as I watch his achievements progress. Then I turn my head and see how this is just the start of my being a "school Mom", as I have 1.5 more at home needing me. I know it's harder emotionally on me being pregnant (Yes, just play along!) but I can't even begin to imagine what I'll feel like on this day when #3 is off to school. Let's just not go there...and enjoy the feeling that it's easier to watch him leave today, as I have to answer a million questions at home about where Bubba went, work on potty training, and enjoy all the kicking and dancing in my belly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday big girl! Posted by Picasa

How cute!! Posted by Picasa

Catch Up (Part II)

Okay, so here's part 2...

On July 25, my little girl turned 2. What a hoot she is! She talks up a storm - really, we asked the pediatrician about it, and she said just based on listening to Azx4, she probably has the vocab of at least a 3-yr-old. It's amazing to listen to her - to see how her world looks through her eyes, how her little brain processes things, and how much she tries to be like us, especially her mama. She had a good birthday too - Elmo her friend was her theme, and she got lots of goodies. Highlights: a first little jewelry box and charm bracelet, a beautiful sterling silver brush and comb set, Mrs. Potato Head, and the hit of the night was Bubba's gift of Cinderella legos. Fortunately, we did have the video camera rolling, so we were able to capture her cuteness: upon opening a gift of clothes, she promptly held the shirt up to her shoulders and proclaimed,"How cute!" I am so proud of her, and while I can remember our family before her, I cannot imagine it without her.

Update on my garden: we came back from vacation to find it had exploded! Or just hit the point of summer where it was really growing...finally. We've enjoyed one batch of pickles from our cucumbers, before they succumbed to a mold problem. (That's what 3 inches of rain in one weekend will do to your plants!) The pumpkin is really growing a long vine with lots of leaves and blooms, but no pumpkins yet. Tomatoes are surviving, but no blooms yet. The watermelons have taken off - 3 that are about softball size as of this writing, but I'm honestly not sure when to pick them. Will wait and see. I'm not terribly disappointed that my garden didn't just flourish this year - it's my first ever attempt, and frankly I think I've done pretty darn good. Plus, it's a container garden, and the lady at the home improvement store warned me that they are much harder to maintain and grow much smaller fruit - both in quantity and size. What I have learned is that definitely next year I'm going to dedicate a corner of our backyard and have a decent one. I love the idea of growing things for my family to eat, of being able to can a little bit and have stuff to eat later on, and I'm already planning out what to grow. (a salsa corner, a pickle corner with my own dill, blackeyed peas, yum!!)

Again, I apologize for not getting this up to date sooner. It's really hitting me hard that my oldest, my son will start Kindergarten in less than a week at this point. I'm trying to really dedicate our time left until then as just family time. In fact, he and Azx4 and I just got back from Grammy & Papa's house. It was a great break for everyone - Grammy & Papa got to see him one more time before he starts school, Azx4 went and learned she can go without Mama and Daddy there, and Daddy and I had some really nice quality time to ourselves. Honestly, I hadn't been away from my kiddos (at the same time) for more than one night since before Azx4 was born. I did some laundry and cleaning/organizing, but basically scrapped while they were gone and watched movies - loved it!! I know they had a blast while they were gone too - but now we're home and I'm exhausted. PHew!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

What a sweet profile! The little bubble thing by her nose is just part of the cord that happened to float into the picture. Posted by Picasa

The feet are on the left with the legs stretched all the way out...did I mention that both the tech and the doctor were impressed with how long her legs are and how big her feet are already? Posted by Picasa

The Biiiiiig Ultrasound!

So we had the "official" ultrasound today...official meaning it's the one my doctor goes by as far as due date, etc. Was with the same dr and staff who have done my previous two kiddos, which is nice. We got in there, and decided to see the "goods" but not to have them tell us anything. So in our unofficial uneducated opinion, we are having a.......

Girl!! We're about 85-90% sure she's a girl. There wasn't anything there...grin. She was really active and moving the whole time which was fun, as I could feel it and see it on the screen. The tech checked all the technical stuff out, and then the dr came in just to double check a few things.

I think the best part for me was that my dad got to come with hubby and I. It was really special for me to watch the two guys get kinda ga-ga watching the baby move and hearing all their comments.

Well as far as baby goes, everything is right on track for our due date. All the parts are there and working. We got to see the 4-chambered heart and watch it beat (and hear it) for a bit. Plus we saw the brain, the spine, the hands, the feet. I just can't describe how amazing it is to see what's going on inside of my womb - been feeling it for a while, but to see it with my eyes, to have some other people able to share in that part of the miracle is astounding. To see how delicate and tiny and still intricate already this little body is just blows my mind. To see with my own two eyes the Lord's fingers at work, to know the same hands that scooped out oceans and set stars and planets in the sky have come together inside this seemingly insignificant little person that I am and knit together my child with such love and intricacy, down to the tiniest nerve and the Psalmist says,"His works are wonderful; I know that FULL well." (139:14)