Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Biiiiiig Ultrasound!

So we had the "official" ultrasound today...official meaning it's the one my doctor goes by as far as due date, etc. Was with the same dr and staff who have done my previous two kiddos, which is nice. We got in there, and decided to see the "goods" but not to have them tell us anything. So in our unofficial uneducated opinion, we are having a.......

Girl!! We're about 85-90% sure she's a girl. There wasn't anything there...grin. She was really active and moving the whole time which was fun, as I could feel it and see it on the screen. The tech checked all the technical stuff out, and then the dr came in just to double check a few things.

I think the best part for me was that my dad got to come with hubby and I. It was really special for me to watch the two guys get kinda ga-ga watching the baby move and hearing all their comments.

Well as far as baby goes, everything is right on track for our due date. All the parts are there and working. We got to see the 4-chambered heart and watch it beat (and hear it) for a bit. Plus we saw the brain, the spine, the hands, the feet. I just can't describe how amazing it is to see what's going on inside of my womb - been feeling it for a while, but to see it with my eyes, to have some other people able to share in that part of the miracle is astounding. To see how delicate and tiny and still intricate already this little body is just blows my mind. To see with my own two eyes the Lord's fingers at work, to know the same hands that scooped out oceans and set stars and planets in the sky have come together inside this seemingly insignificant little person that I am and knit together my child with such love and intricacy, down to the tiniest nerve and the Psalmist says,"His works are wonderful; I know that FULL well." (139:14)

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