Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Too cute!

While I've been sitting here tonight typing, Daddy and Az3 have been playing chess. Well more accurately, learning to play chess for Az3 and Daddy trying to play...Daddy got a great new set from Disney - it's pretty cool - all made out of legos. Plus the "dark" knight side has scorpions all on their pieces. Anyways, it's been precious to listen to their conversation: Daddy trying to teach him how to think strategically, Az3 just trying to remember who moves where and why. He's starting to get it, and I am so proud of Daddy and his patience. (He's tried to teach me once and it made us both mad. I am not chess compatible.) Daddy ended up winning, but Az3 put up a good effort. Plus, he went to bed with a smile on his face - he got some good quality time with his Daddy after the girls went to bed!

Seven months old already!

Can you believe it? She is getting so big - this is sister's 12 mos bathing suit that's almost too tight already! She jabbers alot now - mamamamama, dadadada, yayayayay, and looks at you expecting that you understand her. She also knows how to shake rattles to make noise, and gets the cutest look on her face when she shakes something that isn't a rattle - she can't understand why all her toys don't make that noise!

Happy Father's Day

We had a wonderful day! Daddy had a great meal for lunch: fresh shrimp, Alaskan halibut, rolls and a salad. Then a nice quiet time while everyone else napped, and then onto GrandMommy's and GranDaddy's house for swimming, brownies (yum!) and pizza. We didn't get home til 10pm!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Congratulations to my baby sister!!!!

Hurray for K!!!!! She got engaged tonight! She just called me on the phone and was all breathless and trying not to scream, and so I really can't tell you squat, other than she got engaged tonight!!!!

Disney Day 1 - last one!

The safari ride, the Everest one we never went on, and Daddy and I - we truly did go I promise! (Although as I'm sure you can tell, we're not the ones in all the pictures...) Since this has been a picture-heavy entry, if you can't see them all, just click on the "June 2006" link on the right - it will have everything so far in it. Enjoy!

Disney Day 1 conti'd

More Lion King show, Mickey

Disney Day 1

Should be us at Animal Kingdom, Goofy and the kids, and the Lion King show

Disney Day 1

Where to start? It was such a fabulous time, both for us as parents and for the kids, as well as all 5 as a family. So we started Sunday at Animal Kingdom. Which was great - we saw the "big" guys there, as well as we really didn't want to go back, so we had the rest of the week to work with.

We all went in together, and then split up - some of the big kids went to go ride the Everest thing, but we headed over toward the characters. We were a few minutes early, but it was worth it - just a short wait, and then here they came! It was just precious to watch my kids finally spy Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy, and you could just see their excitment spread! We were first in line for Goofy, and he held their hands as they all walked back to his cabana together. I wasn't sure how well either Az3 or Az4 would do with them, just as they are so big and can be overwhelming, but neither ever hesitated. Plus we had an "autograph book" for each of them, so they had something to interact with everybody over. Oh, and we spotted the bears from the Brother Bear movie while we were waiting for the cabana characters, so that helped the wait.

Then, we decided to hit the Lion King show, as it was inside and a/c and already hot that morning! Thanks to Gran and her ecv, we were on the 2nd row. Very helpful, as Daddy was first picked to be in the show!! The main tribe leader asked him to lead our section in a giraffe call. Do you know what noise a giraffe makes? Neither do we, and we still don't to this day. But it was funny, and Daddy was a great sport! Then, the kids got in the action too - the zebra asked them to come be in the parade and do the shakers. It was so cute!

After a quick lunch of sandwiches, we said hi to Chip and Dale on the way to our next ride - and let me just say that when we finally figured out the fast passes, they were life savers! While everyone else waited in line for the Kali River Rapids, Az4 and I survived her first tantrum of the trip (trust me there were many more!) and went to go find somewhere to cool off. I was originally just going to go back to the hotel with her, but then Grammy and Gran/Codfish came along, and we all went inside the a/c pizzeria place for some ice cream. Just what she needed, and then we went on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. What fun! We spotted crocs, vultures, giraffes, elephants, a sleeping lion, and Az3 even found a wildebeest right by the vehicle.

Next we stopped to watch Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade (which Az5 slept completely through-even as loud as it was!) and then onto the dinosaur parts. Originally the plan was that Grammy and Papa would hang out there with the kids, while Daddy and I rode Everest, but that didn't pan out - Everest was kaput. But the kids loved the Boneyard - it's a huge playground with ropes, slides, climbing places, tunnels, etc, as well as water squirters. They walked out very happy and completely soaked!!!

Then we headed back to the hotel, and may I make a side comment here? Simply for convenience's sake, next time we have already decided we will stay on property. Free transportation everywhere, and much more convenient for those of us that have to come back and take naps at the hotel - it was a 45 min trip one way. (And we weren't that far, but considering that Grammy and Papa had arranged all this, we sure weren't going to complain!!!!)

That night, after everyone younger than 21 was in bed, Daddy and I headed to the Magic Kingdom, which was open til midnight. It was a great time for us - just a few hours to ourselves. We rode things we were sure the kids wouldn't - the Haunted Mansion (fun!), Splash Mountain (great!), etc. Plus we got to do the Buzz Lightyear ride without any distractions....

Slay Belles pictures

Should be one of all of us at lunch, and then with our bells...

So it's only about 2.5 months old...

but what a two month span!!! I'll try and update you on our trip to Disney by days (oh my goodness what fun!!!!) as well as fill in what happened between March 27 and now.

First of April, Daddy went to one of his good friends from high schools' wedding in big D. I think it was a nice weekend for him - the kids and I didn't go, and he was able to spend some time with just him and his parentals. From what he said, it was a beautiful wedding, and we are so excited for C & S to have started their life together.

Then it was Mama's turn to travel....to Kansas City for Slay Belles! This was a great trip, and let me explain it's origins. It was for all the females on Daddy's maternal side of the family. His maternal grandmother's maiden name was Slay, so that's where it all started. I was really excited to go, both to meet family I hadn't seen in years and to have some time just to me - the last total break I'd had from the kids was back when Az4 was only 6 mos old. Considering she's now near 3 yrs old, I thought I might be due up.

I flew out of my hometown to big D, and then was supposed to have a direct flight to KC. However, as we were boarding, they announced the flight was full, and was anyone willing to get there later in exchange for flight vouchers? Um, yes I was! So then after I was rerouted, I decided to grab some lunch, and sat down with my Bible study book. I was supposed to have a 4 hour wait til my flight to Tulsa, and then just a 30 mins or so wait til my flight to KC. Well sitting there, I noticed an earlier flight to Tulsa, and was able to grab that - breaking up my wait a bit. Still, just nice to be by myself for the afternoon. However, I will confess to noticing every baby, toddler, and cry for "Mama!" in that terminal!

The weekend was a blast! We all dipped in the hot tub, did some makeovers - nails, hair, etc, and yes, I do have blackmail pictures. We had planned to have a nice picture done as a group, and I believe we accomplished our mission at Sears Saturday morning. I'm not sure that photographer knew what she was getting into though! Then a lovely lunch at (Where? somebody email me)and walking around downtown for a bit of shopping. I learned all kinds of things about KC - both the Kansas and the Missouri parts. Plus, I really had a nice time getting to know everyone there. We all had a nice time that night exchanging our bells - which remind us to pray for our "partner belle", and I am so looking forward to seeing what next year entails!!