Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Too cute!

While I've been sitting here tonight typing, Daddy and Az3 have been playing chess. Well more accurately, learning to play chess for Az3 and Daddy trying to play...Daddy got a great new set from Disney - it's pretty cool - all made out of legos. Plus the "dark" knight side has scorpions all on their pieces. Anyways, it's been precious to listen to their conversation: Daddy trying to teach him how to think strategically, Az3 just trying to remember who moves where and why. He's starting to get it, and I am so proud of Daddy and his patience. (He's tried to teach me once and it made us both mad. I am not chess compatible.) Daddy ended up winning, but Az3 put up a good effort. Plus, he went to bed with a smile on his face - he got some good quality time with his Daddy after the girls went to bed!

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