Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know...just a tad bit late. But better late than never, right? (Besides I've just now seen some of your kids' pics in email anyway....that's what brought it to mind.)

This year, we are proud to present Zorro, Sleeping Beauty, and Raggedy Ann. Each has a special memory to it - Zorro started out wanting to be Scooby Doo, then a Ninja Turtle, then the Masked Rider (go TECH!), and then we settled on Zorro. Especially with such a cool hat!! Sleeping Beauty was very proud that she didn't have to wear a wig - she "had Sleeping Beauty hair already". LOL!

The best part to me about this year was Raggedy Ann. This is a very special costume to me. My grandparents gave me a Raggedy Ann doll that was about 3 feet tall when I was 4-5 yrs old. I loved that doll to pieces, literally!! My sister wore the costume when she was 3 too. The doll really is gone, but it is such a special memory for me - and what a precious gift too, to have my daughter now wear that. (getting teary now....better just post the pictures...!)

Az3's Bday Party

We had a blast! It was at a local workout place that has an indoor waterpark area - as a mom I was soooooooo pleased to give that to him, because he had been asking almost since his last bday to have his party there. We invited a few church friends and a few school friends, so he had about 7 there; he was so cute too - very insistent that Az4 should come, but not Az5, as she "was a baby, and this was a big kids' party." LOL! They played their little hearts out too - there was a huge bucket at the top of the structure, that would fill with water and tip over every 5 mins. At the beginning, all of the kids would run away when it tipped over, but by the end of the party, they weren't even paying attention. They had over an hour to play too - by time to eat cake, Az4's lips were blue. (It was an indoor water park, but not heated!?!? Explain that one to me....) Anyways, he had a blast that day, so did his friends, and he STILL (over a month later) talks about what a cool/awesome/fun bday party that was. Yay for Mom! :)