Friday, August 10, 2007

Going on Vacation...

(and hey, still one post a week so far! yay for me!) We leave on vacation this weekend, and we are soooooo excited!! We are going to the beach, for a WHOLE week! I think the best part is going to be just to see eachother for a whole week - no school or work to interrupt. We're taking sand toys from the sand box in the back yard, as well as 2 swimsuits a piece. The house we're staying in comes fully furnished - furniture, dishes, etc - all we have to bring are linens. We will also get to see my sister and her husband while we're down there too, and hopefully my aunt. I've posted two pics of the house - the front of it, and then you can see how "far" we have to walk to get to the beach.... lol! I hope you all have a great weekend, and we'll see you in about a week!

Friday, August 03, 2007

And then there is us...

The wedding was Saturday July 28, at 2pm. We all had a blast, with the normal wedding jitters and stresses, but so worthwhile. The kids were wonderful too - behaved so nicely both at the rehearsal and dinner, and then during the ceremony. I wish you could have seen Big Brother holding Middle Sister's arm as he escorted her down the aisle - so cautious, and definitely guiding her down the aisle. I was so proud!

My sister is MARRIED!!!

And I'm so happy for her. The wedding was great, and Az1 and I were so pleased that our little family could be part of it. I know she got exactly what she wanted, and that was what was important. Az1 was the usher, I was the Matron of Honor (and what an honor it was!), Az3 was the ringbearer, Az4 was the flower girl, and we all decided Az5 was "the baby". Look at the pictures yourself - I think they speak for themselves! (Top is K and my Daddy - as handsome as he was the day he walked me down the aisle!! - right as they walked into the chapel, and the bottom is K and her hubby M as they are in his truck, leaving the reception)

Hi there!

I noticed this hasn't been updated,!!!!!! Yikes! Sorry about that - can you tell when I went back to work full-time? Lol. Anyways, going forward, I'll try to catch you up a bit on where we've been and what's going on now. For example, since then, we've been to both mine and hubby's 10-yr high school reunions, celebrated the best 4th of July ever, become a caterpillar haven, and my sister has gotten married. Going forward, my goal is at least one post per week - I figure that will help keep us posted on what's happening now. That's all I will guarantee though... ;)