Saturday, June 10, 2006

So it's only about 2.5 months old...

but what a two month span!!! I'll try and update you on our trip to Disney by days (oh my goodness what fun!!!!) as well as fill in what happened between March 27 and now.

First of April, Daddy went to one of his good friends from high schools' wedding in big D. I think it was a nice weekend for him - the kids and I didn't go, and he was able to spend some time with just him and his parentals. From what he said, it was a beautiful wedding, and we are so excited for C & S to have started their life together.

Then it was Mama's turn to Kansas City for Slay Belles! This was a great trip, and let me explain it's origins. It was for all the females on Daddy's maternal side of the family. His maternal grandmother's maiden name was Slay, so that's where it all started. I was really excited to go, both to meet family I hadn't seen in years and to have some time just to me - the last total break I'd had from the kids was back when Az4 was only 6 mos old. Considering she's now near 3 yrs old, I thought I might be due up.

I flew out of my hometown to big D, and then was supposed to have a direct flight to KC. However, as we were boarding, they announced the flight was full, and was anyone willing to get there later in exchange for flight vouchers? Um, yes I was! So then after I was rerouted, I decided to grab some lunch, and sat down with my Bible study book. I was supposed to have a 4 hour wait til my flight to Tulsa, and then just a 30 mins or so wait til my flight to KC. Well sitting there, I noticed an earlier flight to Tulsa, and was able to grab that - breaking up my wait a bit. Still, just nice to be by myself for the afternoon. However, I will confess to noticing every baby, toddler, and cry for "Mama!" in that terminal!

The weekend was a blast! We all dipped in the hot tub, did some makeovers - nails, hair, etc, and yes, I do have blackmail pictures. We had planned to have a nice picture done as a group, and I believe we accomplished our mission at Sears Saturday morning. I'm not sure that photographer knew what she was getting into though! Then a lovely lunch at (Where? somebody email me)and walking around downtown for a bit of shopping. I learned all kinds of things about KC - both the Kansas and the Missouri parts. Plus, I really had a nice time getting to know everyone there. We all had a nice time that night exchanging our bells - which remind us to pray for our "partner belle", and I am so looking forward to seeing what next year entails!!

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