Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Disney Day 2

This was going to be a big day for the kids, and we were all so excited. Our first day in the Magic Kingdom, which if you have little ones, is THE park to go to!

Starting out, we had so much fun riding the Monorail. GranDaddy had told Aiken about this type of train, and so hopes were high when we arrived at the station. Plus, Mommy had a secret plan: someone had told her you could ride up front with the engineer! So we asked, and indeed you can! They even have honorary "engineer" cards waiting for you on the seat - waaaaayyy too much fun!

Then finally we were there, inside, taking it all in. We decided to start first in Fantasyland, as it tends to get crowded quickly. We found Alice in Wonderland in front of the dizzy Tea Cup ride, and she taught Az4 how to curtsy! Too cute! Then it was onto a fave, the Dumbo ride, for Mommy and the older two kids. (Daddy had to change the baby....) After that, we divided and conquered: Daddy and the older two went to Mickey's Philharmagic show, while Mommy and baby waited in line to see Ariel - the Little Mermaid! This particular princess has been a fave lately of Azx4's, so it was a BIG deal to get to see her, talk to her, and get our pictures made! (She had her tail on today - we'd see her later on a different day with her "legs"...)

We also rode the Pooh bear ride, and played in the 100-Acre Woods playground. Then we met up with family, and "prepared" to go eat lunch all together in Cinderella's castle. Az3 was excited about it, but no where near as jazzed as his younger sister. She bought a new crown and wand in a shop before we went, so as to be all dressed appropriately. We had a ball! While you wait for your table, you are allowed to go in and meet the Princess herself and get pictures and autographs. While this princess has also been a fave of Az4 (they rotate!) I could tell she was awe-struck at actually meeting Cinderella, due to her lack of verbage. I mean, I haven't seen her totally at a loss of words in a while. We got some cute pictures, one of which is Az4's totally inpromptu hug of "Sinderslelly" right as we left.

The lunch itself was wonderful!! Many many many thanks to Grammy and Papa for organizing this for everyone - the food was great, the company better, and we all sure appreciated the air conditioning!! During the meal, we were visited by Snow White, who promptly plopped a big ole' red wet one on Az3's forehead...ala Dopey! She was followed by the Fairy Godmother herself, then Princess Aurora (wearing pink for those of you in the know), and finally Belle. I think the novelty had kinda worn off by then, as Az4 looks like she's eating in most of the pictures I got. Priorities right?

Then we ran back to the hotel for a nap, and came back to ride some more fun. Buzz Lightyear was great - I got to ride it with Az3 for the first time. After I explained it was like a huge nintendo game, he yelled my ear off with "oh got that one! Look out Momma!" After which, we actually met Buzz himself, and then played in the water at Ariel's grotto. Plus we got to do the Peter Pan ride, and one of my personal favorites, It's a Small World. Did you know there are hidden Mickey's on that ride? Then it was time to get seats for the Lights parade...not as good as the Electrical Light parade in my opinion, but definitely worth seeing! By that time, we were all exhausted, and headed home! But such a wonderful day - and totally worth it to see my kids' faces as they rode all these rides for the first time, or met Cinderella for the first time, and even just seeing the castle!!

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judyg said...

Luv the Adventures! Disney trip sounds like toooooooo much fun. Luv the pics. Thanks for sharing your world!