Sunday, July 16, 2006

This and That...

We had VBS at our church yesterday. It was a blast!! We did it differently this time - a one day (from 8 to 3) as opposed to a week of mornings or at night. Our theme was a Day in Jerusalem (very interesting considering the news of the week huh?), and so the kids were divided into 12 tribes. We did not do by age this time (except for the 2 preschool tribes), so it was a random mixing, and seemed to really work well. Each tribe had a couple leading it, and their own home "tent". Then during the day, each tribe would journey throughout the city. They visited the jewelry shop, the market, the animal shop, the carpentry shop, the music shop, and the synagogue. Plus we served lunch during the day. It was so cool! All the tribes would walk around carrying their flag, greeting eachother with "Shalom!" (which sounds so cute coming from preschoolers!) and all the leaders were dressed in character.

The baby charmed everyone in the nursery - all day long! She was spoiled rotten by 3 of the wonderful ladies of our church, and I truly think they actually enjoyed it more than her! Az4 started in the older nursery room, but then was moved to the preschool tribe - honestly, I think due to her maturity and vocabulary. She loved it! But she did end up cratering in the last worship time of the day, so I moved her back to the nursery room which was better for everyone. But can I just brag as a mom and tell you how proud I am of her - she's still 2, and she hung out with a bunch of 4 and 5 yr olds for most of the day without any trouble?!?!

Az3 really had a blast, and I was so glad! He had a great couple for his leaders (she is in the church choir and very musical!!) and was in the Levi tribe. Every time I saw him he was smiling and waving. Plus, as I'm sure some of you remember, I've really been praying for his salvation since VBS last year. I actually ended up working registration, and then was a counselor in the "synagogue" during decision time. When it came time for the invitation, Az3 popped his hand right up that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. I let someone else go talk to him, and she came and got me later, saying there was no doubt in her mind that he was ready! So I walked over to where he was sitting, ready to listen to him pray, and he froze up! Nothing going - but he can totally explain it all to you. There's no doubt in my mind he knows exactly what to do and why, but just doesn't seem comfortable discussing it with me or Daddy. So I'm just going to continue praying (and would ask that you do as well) and trust that God will bring someone else into his life to help lead him to the Lord.

On a totally nonrelated topic, my garden has really taken off! I'm so pleased. Last year I did a container garden, and it was so-so, but okay for a first attempt. Well this year, I have a real garden - part of the backyard, fenced off with rows and everything. I'm growing sweet corn (3 plants), watermelon (4 plants), yellow squash (4), green beans (4), bell peppers (7), zucchini squash (3), carrots (several), peas (5), cucumbers (11), pumpkins (4), and tomatoes (7). It's quite a little endeavor, let me tell you! But I am loving it!! I started late this year though - didn't get seeds into the ground until after vacation, about mid June, so we're just now getting to the good part. The corn is growing well, getting tall. The watermelon is just now starting to take off, but man is it going! The yellow squash have a gazillion buds on them - I expect the blooms to open within a week or so. The green beans are just starting to vine, as well as the bell peppers, but the peppers are growing crazy! The zucchini I expect are on the same schedule as the squash, but I just don't know about the carrots. We'll see...the peas in the back of the row are doing well, but the ones in the front are being devoured by something. I don't know what, and I've sprayed a couple of times, but it doesn't seem to help. The cucumbers are doing wonderfully, and I'm excited - lots of pickle potential! The pumpkins by far are doing the best in the garden - I'm concerned they may take over their entire end. Next time I will definitely put them at the end by themselves with lots of room! The tomatoes are growing well too.

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