Friday, August 19, 2005

We survived! (and a prayer request)

We survived the first half week of Kindergarten!! Hurray! (and yes, sometimes you need to celebrate these kinds of things...) He seems to really be enjoying it. The only meltdown we've had was yesterday morning, and my personal, professional Mommy opinion was that it had more to do with trying to get out of cleaning up his book pile that not wanting to go to school. No tears since. Today they had to bring a teddy bear, and dressed up in adult-sized clothes for a Teddy Bear picnic. Azx3 told me he wore a hat and a dress-up shirt, 'cause he was a daddy. Sadly, no I do not have pictures - parents weren't invited. And I have a sneaking suspicion it's due to the several little ones still having tears yesterday at drop-off and pick-up, rather than not being cute.

A big prayer request for us - wisdom as far as hubby's job. Or potential ones. We just need wisdom to know which way to proceed, as looming decisions will affect where the baby is born, hubby's continuance in school, Azx3's kindergarten, etc. Will let you know if I find anything definite out, but as for now, we could use all the prayers we can get. Thanks!!

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