Thursday, August 25, 2005

Daddy comes home today!

And we are all so glad! Not that it's been a hard week really at all, but it will be nice to have another adult in the house. (As much as I enjoy wondering where Pooh Bear has hidden, since he was in the Cinderella lego box the last 20 times, I imagine he is still there...) The kids have missed him too. They have both asked about him at least once a day. Azx3 goes to the fridge map we have of the US and points to Texarkana when he gets home from school, and Azx4 asks every morning when she comes in our room where he is, then tells me he's on the airplane to go to work. We go pick him up today after naptime.

Azx4 and I played a memory game today - you know, where you turn the cards over and find the matches. She did really well, as we played it simple - I left the pictures face up. She would pick up a card and we would work on finding it's match. Considering there were only 72 cards, I was impressed that she made it down to the last 12 before losing interest. Having the pictures be from Toy Story probably helped too. She's doing okay with potty training too - will go if you get her on the potty. We're just not getting everything in the potty yet. I figure it's not time to worry about that yet - I have til November. ;)

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