Thursday, August 18, 2005

The First Day of School

So it finally arrived. In some ways, I think it was bigger for Mama than Azx3. We actually kinda started the night before, with all our preparations. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner, per his request. We walked in, and the greeter asked if we were celebrating anything special. I said he was starting Kindergarten tomorrow, and choked over the last word and teared up. Then we came home and got him all ready - picked out his clothes, got his backpack ready, picked out his baby picture to take, and got the cameras ready.

That morning he was excited, but not as much as I thought he'd be. I think maybe he was a little apprehensive too. We had a nice family breakfast and loaded up to go. I drove, which was probably good as I couldn't get too teary yet, since I still had to be able to see. We arrived and just like all the other families, took a million pictures of him walking in, putting his backpack in his locker, meeting his teacher, etc. After he was settled in his center (reading - his favorite!), I could barely disturb him from his book to say bye, forget getting a hug or kiss. As we walked back to the car, I could feel the tears coming on, but was proud of myself, as I waited until we were all in the car with the door shut before I broke down.

He is so ready. He knows all his letters, knows the sounds, and is even reading a bit. He knows his manners, knows how to help and follow directions, knows how to play nice and share, and loves being around other kids. I am so excited for him, as I know this is just the beginning of the rest of his life, and what an adventure awaits him!

As his mother, I weep with tears of joy and pride for the reasons above, with a tinge of sadness (and probably a mix of pg hormones) for the time of his being home only with me gone, and I laugh and smile as I watch his achievements progress. Then I turn my head and see how this is just the start of my being a "school Mom", as I have 1.5 more at home needing me. I know it's harder emotionally on me being pregnant (Yes, just play along!) but I can't even begin to imagine what I'll feel like on this day when #3 is off to school. Let's just not go there...and enjoy the feeling that it's easier to watch him leave today, as I have to answer a million questions at home about where Bubba went, work on potty training, and enjoy all the kicking and dancing in my belly.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, in your journaling about Aiken;s first day, you reminded me all too well of Zachary's first day, which seem just like yesterday, honestly in so many ways. But also your words seem to comfort me as Zach will be graduating NEXT 06-07 year. I especially liked the way you described what he knows that you have taught him so he would be 'prepared' That my dear, brought tears to my eyes as I personally reflect on what Zach knows as graduation quickly approaches and he will soon be off to college.. I may need you to remind me to come read this post next year as school starts. It too brings me a bit of comfort knowing I have Madison still at home.:)
Thank you so much for sharing Aikens First day with me.
~~~Valerie @ Meese's~~~