Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This and That...

while being so thankful that neither I nor any member of my family currently lives anywhere near the path that Katrina took. My hubby and I have talked at length about what we would have done, when we would have left, what we would have taken, etc. I can't imagine the devastation down there, and our prayers are with that entire region. By the way, how much is gas in your neck of the woods? It was $2.49 Monday, $2.74 yesterday, and $2.99 today. Rumor has it it'll be up to $3.49 by Monday, so we are down to one vehicle. Per the budget's request...again, not a particularly pleasant accomodation, but thankful that our cars are sitting in the driveway, not floating under 20+ ft of water.

We're all doing well. Daddy is out of town again today, but thankfully it's just a day trip - he'll be back llaaaaaaattteee tonight. Since he had to be at the airport at 6:30 this morning, we all came back home and took a nap til it was time to take Bubba to school, and are all currently taking a wonderful afternoon nap as well. When someone is fussy about how the mustard was poured on his hot dog, you know it's time for a nap!

Speaking of, he is still loving Kindergarten. When he came home talking about "that little black hole in your eye" (pupil) and how it works with light yesterday, I was amazed. Listening to his emerging reading (which gets better every day) is so much fun. He is the star of the day this month the day before his birthday, which should be exciting, and takes his first field trip just a few days later, so I think he'll have a fun few weeks.

Azx4 and I were looking at pictures this morning of her less than 3 months old, and she started saying (of her own accord) "my baby sis-er". I said no, that's you, baby sister is in mama's tummy. She looked at me, wrinkled her brow, and then said,"No act-you-all-ee mama, baby sis-er in MY tummy!" and patted her belly button. She has even carried this over to informing Bubba at lunch. Pretty cute if you ask me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy girl, just stopped by to view your site...still loving it. I do believe we need a prego shot of you though. :) You make motherhood sound so exciting and rewarding and I just can't wait to have mine. I went to the doc yesterday for the 37th visit and I am now 1cm dialated. That was exciting to find out although I am sure it will be that way for over a couple more weeks. :) Well, I just wanted to say hi and let ya know someone does read your thoughts, hee hee. Jessica in VA