Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Almost a month since our last update! However, I'm sure you'll all understand, when I mention how much sitting in the computer chair makes my hands and feet swell up...to the point that I can't scrapbook much now either. :( At least it's temporary!

I hope you all are doing well. We had a blast last night for Halloween, as you can see! And yes, I really did paint my tummy up as a jack-o-lantern for the night - I loved it and so did everyone else! Really, what's the use of having a wonderfully big round pg belly if you can't dress it up right for Halloween? ;) Plus, that was about all the costume I could do anyways...

Just an update babywise too...for those who don't know, we're scheduled for a repeat c-section the morning of Friday, Nov 18, at 7:30am...meaning we have to be at the hospital around 5:00am of course! It's what we did with Azx4 though, and it is so nice - just walk in and get things done, and then have all day Friday to count as recovery, so we should be released Monday around lunch time. My mom is coming to stay the week of Thanksgiving with us, and then Hubby's mom will come the week of Dec 4-10ish. (right Grammy? ;)) I'm onto weekly appts now, and everything is going well. My blood pressure is up a little, but it was so low during the rest of this pg, that I'm now up into "normal" levels. Having a little swelling, but nothing to worry about yet.

There's lots more going on I promise, but really, my fingers are about to the "can't type real good" point now, so I gotta sign off. Will post asap if something happens, but just know we're all okay and ready for November at the moment!

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