Sunday, September 25, 2005

The big birthday party

So Azx3's big birthday party was today. We invited his whole soccer team and a friend from church (since he was turning 6, he could invite 6 friends). I carefully planned all the details: he wanted Batman, so we had plates and napkins. What to do that was cheap? We decided to go to the Planetarium and see the new star show. (a buck for adults, most of his friends were still 5 and free!) Food: cupcakes. Drink: Hi-C. We were ready. And got there plenty early.

And had only one friend show up - from church. Not one single guy from the team even bothered to tell us they weren't coming. UGH!!! The greatest part of it all: it didn't even phase my son. He didn't care - he was so excited to have his friend Brett come to HIS party that he didn't even notice who wasn't there. (Sure bugged his mom and dad more though...) Anyways, he had a great time! The show was "sooo coool!" and since we weren't running around after 6 boys, we could tour the adjoining museum and their dinosaur exhibit. Then we had a picnic in the car (it was only 100 outside and they don't allow food inside) and he opened his present. Again, he had a blast, so his dad and I just decided not to worry about it. He's still talking about how cool it was to see the stars on the ceiling, so I know it was a home run!!

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