Saturday, September 17, 2005

Grammy & Papa's visit

We had a nice visit from Grammy and Papa this weekend. They flew in Friday night, and flew out Sunday morning, so it was quick, but nice! Mainly, it was for Azx3's birthday next weekend, but I know Daddy and Papa had some good "guy" times together doing stuff around the house, as well as the grandkids OF COURSE being the apple of their grandparents' eyes!

We had lunch at Burger King on Saturday and then went to Azx3's soccer game. Unfortunately, they were playing against a much bigger and faster team, so you figure out why the score was so lopsided, but he still had a great time. Then we all crashed at home, and later went to TRU to get his big present from them - a Batman scooter! (the kind that requires foot power, think Fred Flintstone). He loves it! After a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden, we all came home to get ready for Sunday. Baths for the kids, more projects for Daddy and Papa, and Azx3 got his last present. It was so cute - it's a personalized Dora the Explorer video for him. Titled "Who's Birthday is it?", Dora says his name throughout it, and his picture is used as the head for his character. Even better, they find at the end it's his birthday! The best part was watching his face each time she said his name - it was a combo of surprise and excitment.

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