Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

Whew! Yesterday was busy, but fun. We let Daddy sleep in for the morning (or at least until the absolute last minute before we were really late for church!), went to SS, then took him out to eat before he had to go to work. Yes, (sigh) he had to work on Father's Day, but it's the trade off for being able to go on vacation. He didn't have to go in til noon though, so we took him to eat at Rockfish, which was good - yum! shrimp!!! - and he enjoyed it. Then we went home to do such constructive things as naptime, painting Azx4's toenails, and baking cookies. Then it was off to Daddy's store to check out some clothes for me, then to GrandMommy's for a minute, and then back home.

We are very blessed to have some wonderful friends from church that I met with last night to look at/borrow their camping stuff. We leave on vacation this Friday!!! and it can't come soon enough. Take that back - yes it can, cause I haven't even finished laundry yet, much less started packing. AAaaaaccckkkKK!! Anyways, they have let us borrow their tent, as well as the myriad of camping things one needs: lanterns, rope, all kinds of cooking-outdoors-type-stuff, just really this huge box that we were able to borrow and use whatever we need. I just hope we can find somethign really special for them as a thank-you gift up in Yellowstone or Grand Tetons - they have gone out of their way to help us have a great time on vacation.

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