Tuesday, June 07, 2005

VBS and Gardening

For those who are interested, VBS has started at our church. This is Azx3's second year to go, and he loves it! I am really praying for him this week (it's Sunday-Thursday night from 6-8:30), as I was his age when I accepted Christ in VBS. ***hint, hint to those of you prayer warriors....**** :D

By the way, have I mentioned I've taken up container gardening? Yep, I have. Partly due to my friend Jen's incredible tomatoes, partly due to that spring feeling of new beginnings, growing things, etc. Actually, it really kinda started with Azx3 bringing home a little thing from Mission Friends where they had planted sunflower seeds. So I went to go get a pot for that, and came home with 3 pots, planting soil, and tomato seeds. I am loving it! I'll get to the reason why I'm only using pots and not just putting things in the ground in a minute, but it is too much fun! And addicting - I love going out in the morning and seeing what has grown/changed. Now I'm up to 2 tomato seedlings, Azx3's monster sunflower plants (but no buds yet), 2 cucumber plants, 2 watermelon seedlings, 1 cucumber squash seedling, and some pumpkin seeds that haven't done anything yet - but I just planted them yesterday.

The main reason I am doing them in pots has been our crazy weather lately. In the last two-three weeks, we have had major rain (like over an inch each time), major hail (have you ever seen/even heard of baseball-sized hail?), and even some tornadoes for a grand total of almost every other night with a storm. Now I realize the porch won't save them from a tornado, but I know keeping them out of the hail has saved them already. We've been very fortunate to not have had any damage here at my house, but many people in the city have had multiple nights of major hail damage to their roofs, cars, and many of the local farmers are having to start over crop-wise this late in the season. I'll see if I can find a few pictures to post - you gotta see this stuff to believe it!

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