Monday, June 20, 2005

Vacation Plans

So, like I mentioned last time, we are leaving on vacation this Friday. I thought I'd go ahead and let you know our plans - obviously I don't know if/when I'll be able to give an update here until we get back, but we'll see....

Friday, 6/24: Leave home after I get off work at 1pm, drive to Denver - stay at Gran/Codfish's house

Saturday, 6/25: Drive to Casper for family reunion, staying with Dave/Darla

Sunday, 6/26: Don't really know how this day will play out, as we obviously want to spend as much time as possible with relatives still in town, but the plan is to at minimum arrive in Cody by supper/dark that night; we are camping there

Monday, 6/27: A full day in Cody, we plan to maybe see the museums or some "cowboy stuff" there, plus hit the rodeo that night, still camping

Tuesday 6/28: Drive into Yellowstone, spend the day in the park, exploring (as much as a family with a pg mom and an almost-2-yr-old can!) the upper/northeast side of things, staying in hotel in Gardiner

Wednesday, 6/29: Exploring west/southern part of Yellowstone, staying in hotel in West Yellowstone

Thursday, 6/30: Drive down to Grand Teton NP, exploring there (as much as bears will let us!), camping there

Friday, 7/1: Drive back to Casper, staying night with Dave/Darla

Saturday, 7/2: Drive back to Denver, time to play and stay with Gran/Codfish - I think Azx3 is going to the golf course this day with Codfish, maybe some shopping?!?

Sunday, 7/3: More time in Denver, maybe the zoo and children's museum?, drive by the new Mile High?, not much officially planned, just playing it by ear

Monday, 7/4: Happy 4th of July! I'm sure there will be all kinds of festivities today, topped off (a BIG thanks to Gran and Codfish for this one!!!!) by the Rockies game that night with fireworks afterwards!!

Tuesday, 7/5: Drive home, happy and weary

Should be a full and fun trip! The great thing is, the only times/deadlines we have to meet are the check-in times at hotels and the Rockies game. Nothing else (except where we're staying) is set in stone - so we can really go with the flow, or naptimes, as the case may be. We are all so excited!!

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