Thursday, June 16, 2005

Summer Camp

Azx3 started what we're calling "summer camp" today. He loves it!! It's actually just a pdo program that is on the mornings I work. It's at a Lutheran church here in town, and it was such an answer to prayer. (How else do you explain it being on Wed/Fri during the summer?!?) Anyways, he has 7 in his class, and his teacher is a mom I know from where I work. On the way home, he only mentioned how much he loved it three times - without any questions!! He also informed me that their story was about Jesus and His friends, where they were on a lake, and Jesus took a nap, and the friends got scared, cause a storm started, and Jesus woke up and said,"Water be still!" and it minded Him. Cause He's God. ;)

On another note, he also had what is officially his last speech appt this morning. He passed with flying colors, with only 1 area being a tad bit below age-appropriateness. (The others were all waaaaaay above age-level, I'm proud to brag!) Our speech therapist is a precious lady, with 3 kids of her own, and has been so helpful and kind working with us. While I won't miss trying to keep Abbigail in line during the appointments, I will miss getting to visit with Ms. J.

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