Thursday, June 02, 2005

Down to H-Town

So we went this weekend down to H-town to help my parents move the rest of my sister's stuff. It was mostly fun - when you're moving, whether your stuff or someone else's, it's just not all fun. Sorry, but it's not. My mom rode with the kids and I in the car, while my dad stood on the accelerator in the moving truck to lead the way. :p Then we all rode together on the way home, which was some good family time. It was so nice to see my sister and "the Grand Aunt" while we were down there. I don't know who missed whom the most: my sister or my kids. Plus it was just too long since we'd seen TGA period.

The kids really did a good job behaving in spite of all the moving stuff going on. I'm afraid I might not have been the most patient or understanding (particularly when I felt hot and irritable!!) but again, for the most part it was fun. I la-la-loved Central Market! Let me just say that if we ever move there, I could definitely blow the whole budget there, not just the grocery part. We just don't have anything even close here. Plus, I loved the little shopping area where we ate breakfast at Le Peep's. (I think it would win for my all-time fav breakfast place!)

One thing we did do that really helped the kids was escape to the zoo. (I say escape as it was in the middle of unloading the moving truck in two different places - an almost 2-yr-old, a 5-yr-old, and a pg lady ain't much good for that.) Azx3 was fabulous about understanding that we could stay until GrandMommy called, and never fussed a whit. We were there for a couple of hours and saw pretty much everything we wanted to. It's been interesting, as this is the first thing Azx4 seems to really "remember" and recall. In detail - she's remembered previous outings to say, Grammy's house, or Chuck-e-Cheese's, but never anything we did or saw there. Now, if you ask her what we saw at the zoo, she'll list her top 3 (and in the order we saw them too!): the giraffe (grr-aff), elephant (eh-fant), and the owl (owwww-lll, hoo-hoo!).

For inquiring minds that want to know, our summer is getting busy: we leave on the 24th for almost a full 2-week vacation, I want us to get back to H-town before the end of summer, we're going to Abilene the 2nd weekend of July, and we are going to Grammy and Papa's maybe the first weekend in August before school starts. I guess better to get our traveling in now, before Azx3 can't go because of school (is he really old enough to say that yet?!?!?) and I get too big and far along to travel. Phew!

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