Thursday, May 26, 2005

Out in Our Front Yard

We are so blessed, so fortunate to be able to play out in our front yard and our back yard. We have grass in both, and both are a really large size. (imho, anyways) Sometimes the front is a better bet, as there aren't any of our 4-legged beasts to lick, wack, stomp, or otherwise run over you or your toys there as well.

Today, Azx4 was fascinated by the birds out front. Normally we have a few, but they are rather fearful, and disappear as soon as you look their way. We have quite an assortment though: robins, blue jays, the occasional cardinal, doves, sparrows, and chickadees. We usually try and have some bird seed out front or back to make sure we always have friends to watch and listen to. I say all this to show you how commonplace these creatures are here, and why she was just discovering them today, I'll never know. But she stopped suddenly (almost falling over - love that toddler balance!) and looked and pointed and said in that cute amazement/whisper voice: "BIRD!" There were indeed a few chickadees investigating the edge of our grass to see if there was any leftover bird seed there. She ran toward them, stopped, crouched down, and then did her goofy ostrich-leg walk towards them. To my amazement, one actually stayed until she was within a foot. I wished I had my camera out - it would have been a great picture - she was almost down on the ground, with this bird less than a foot away looking right up at her. They stared at each other for a minute, then the bird hopped away, and she decided bubbles were more exciting.

Azx3 has gotten his first bicycle. He has a "schwinn" one, the smallest kind with training wheels, and a Hot Wheels helmet. He's really not sure about this yet - we'll probably get it out this weekend and test it. I think it's the height of the bike that bothers him - he wavers between "Oh I'm a big boy now! This is super cool!" to "Nope. Can't do it. Just can't do it." We'll see how he does when the rubber meets the road...

And speaking of bikes and training wheels, this all brought back memories of my first bike - it was blue, and I remember my dad working with me to ride it. (And no I don't remember EVER wearing a helmet.) I remember the first time he let go of me - no training wheels - on the driveway in Mansfield. I was so scared, concentrating on getting it right, remembering I had to pedal and steer all at once!, and hearing his reassuring voice, telling me that was the way, that I could do it. Brings a special grin to my face and my heart even now...

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