Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Update on us (Finally!)

Sorry it's been a while, but you know how life is with 2.5 little ones - busy and hectic and fun!! We're all doing well here.

Azx3 finally finished up soccer, and he loved it! He had a great time, a great team and coach, and just overall loved it! He scored a couple of goals over the season, and was excited about his trophy. We had a big pizza party at Chuck E Cheese's after the last game, so it was good to play around with his teammates there. If he wants to play again in the fall, we can request the same team, so that's nice to know.

Azx4 is really talking now. She's working on 3 and 4 word sentences. It's cute to see what she comes up with next. She's also started counting - from 1 to 10, she can get all the numbers in, usually not in the right order though. She's also working on her abc's - all letters she calls "c's", and she knows a few just by sight. Any letter "o" she can find a mile away. Have I mentioned she loves the Baby Mozart videos? Even the ones Bubba didn't like at her age.

I'm doing good relatively speaking. I'm at 13 weeks tomorrow, and by the way, thanks to all of you who sent out well wishes. I've sure needed them - been sick as all get out (way more than with the other two) since about 6 weeks. And I mean sick - all day, limited to pb&j, salads, chicken, and nothing that has even touched a drop of oil - whether fried, sauted, or whatever. It finally seems to be fading! I'm finally in maternity clothes too - got them all out of the attic and washed yesterday.

It's been really hot here lately. Yesterday we hit 101. Joy. It's just the end of May. However, it was pretty funny yesterday. The kids and I were playing around in the wading pool, and because of the shadows from the trees in the backyard and the clouds passing by, we had to get out because we were cold. The local news was on as we came in, and the weather guy announced we had just hit 101. I thought it was amusing.

Hope this finds you all well, and I will really make an effort to keep this updated more often.

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