Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lil Miss Thang

She is such a hoot right now! I mean, really, it's hard to have a complete miserable day with her around - not that we don't have our moments at home (No more grabbing!!!), but it's hard to have a complete wash of a day. She will stop to be sooooo serious and sit next to you on the couch. It's one of those Mom moments I love - you know, where you drop everything to sit next to your toddler and have a "serious" conversation. Yesterday's was a complete review of all her favorite animals we saw at the zoo - in the order we saw them. She would mention one ("Shah-aff?" - giraffe) and I would nod yes, and if I didn't respond quick enough, she would say,"Yoooo seed it?" And then, when we had finished her list, it was like a switch turned, she was no longer serious, gave me a huge grin, and hopped off to go do whatever it is she thought she needed to do. :D

Today was precious - and a HUGE encouragement to me. She is really into stuffed animals right now. So she preceded to carry one around today - picking up a new one about every 30 mins or so - and love it to death. (Really, if this had been real animals, she would have squished them into the Happy Hunting Grounds!) She would hug/squish it for a few seconds, then kiss it (open-mouthed of course!), and then make this "awwwwwwwwwwwww" sound. Then it was time to parade the animal to Mama so she could share the love as well. It was pretty cute - then, as she would take the animal back to her room to find another, she would say,"I wub yooooo" over and over to it. I just loved watching it - literally it went on all day long, as she just incorporated it into whatever she was doing. It suddenly occurred to me that this was a huge compliment to hubby and I on our parenting - children will only do what they have seen modeled before them. ;)

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