Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The weekend after VBS, we moved in the same neighborhood...down the street and around the corner. This way, the kids will go to the same school, but we gain a 4th bedroom (necessary for 3 kids, 2 of which are girls!) The following week, I had signed the kids up for swimming lessons (thanks Grammy & Papa!), to ensure we got out of the house each day.

Lessons are designated by ability, not age level. Az3 was a Dolphin, as he could do everything. That class worked on perfecting different strokes, as well as swimming with his face in the water. He passed the class easily, and is even more comfortable in the water now.

Az4 was a Starfish, and she did well also. Her class worked on swimming with your arms and legs (at the same time!) as well as just overall comfort in the water. She passed her class easily, and is now jumping in as often as we'll let her.

Az5 made the most progress this year. She was in the top Preschool class, without parents, and worked hard on putting her face in the water comfortably but also moving in the water then. Her teacher told me that she has learned all she can from the preschool level, and needs to move on up to the first children's level lessons. Yippee!

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