Sunday, January 02, 2011

July 4th, 2010

July 4th this year was totally different for the Hubby and I. We had already arranged for the kids to spend the long weekend at my parents' house, before we had ever thought about moving. (Looking back on the summer, I can see how the Lord already had arranged for us to have the kids away to allow us to have time alone and to work on the moves and the details!) The weekend before was our local fireworks show at the park across the street from our church. We had thought about not going, but ended up there after all. It was a great time! We parked at the church, and then had out our camping chairs to watch the show across the street. We saw a ton of our friends there, and the kids loved it as usual!

The actual July 4th weekend found us at a friend's house (my Mary Kay lady's) near a lake. We were thrilled - just hanging with good friends! Unfortunately the weather turned south on us at the last minute, but we still had a good time. It was more like fall weather - cool, misty/rainy, and we never got in the lake. We had a blast though, just relaxing and being there sans kiddos. Plus, we did head back into town and went to another friends' house for the night of the 4th. There, fireworks are legal in the city limits, and it is craziness! It literally looks like a warzone with all the smoke - you can't see across the street. Neighbors try to outdo eachother, and you hear the explosions almost continuously from dusk until the cutoff at eleven. I shot off my first Roman candle, and managed not to hurt anyone or anything! What a blast! (literally!)

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