Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of Motorcycles and Moms...

I have to start this post by confessing that I have never ridden a motorcyle. Never. in. my. life. I would love to.

For the older kids in Awanas, our church had an end-of-year memory verse blitz, and if you memorized so many verses, you could earn a motorcycle ride with our FaithRiders. (These are a super cool group of peeps that ride hogs, and use that to witness to others about Jesus. Did I mention they are super cool? Oh yeah!) So my oldest was the only one age-wise that could qualify, and he worked sooooooooo very hard to get all of the required verses in. I think he may have squeaked one in on the last day even, but hey, he did it! I was very proud of him.

Well the night they were supposed to ride, there were literally tornadoes and thunderstorms all around our in didn't rain a drop on us, but they were north/south/east of us. So they rescheduled the event to a Sunday night, and he was so excited! I think he honestly only "earned" one ride, but nobody was really enforcing that. I personally counted 3 rides that he went on, thanks to Mr. Randy! He loved it! He's ready to buy his own, except for that pesky little detail of needing a license and money....

(PS I hope the video works for everyone. Let me know if it doesn't. I know the quality isn't that great, and yes, there's something on the lens, but it's on the inside and we can't get it out. However, he's on the first motorcycle that comes into view.)

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