Saturday, July 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter dawned a beautiful morning that day! We usually try and coordinate our new Easter duds, and this year was no exception. We got up and enjoyed a wonderful service at church. We have been so blessed to have a church home where the people are great, but even more importantly, the Word of God is preached without compromise. This means the worship services are designed the same way - no compromise, to lead people closer to the throne of Grace. After the service, we had a friend snap a quick picture of us all, and we went home to lunch.

After lunch, and a great long nap!, we gave the kids their Easter baskets from us. Then we hid eggs for the kids out in the front yard. I think this may have been the last year for our oldest to hunt eggs and enjoy it, and I'll take it! Last year, I came up with a new way to eliminate arguing over which egg was whose - the oldest has sports eggs, the middle one has fairy eggs, and the youngest has animal eggs. Ta da! Brilliant, I tell ya! It was cute to watch them have fun and help eachother find all their eggs.

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