Saturday, July 10, 2010


Let's see if I can get this thing a bit more caught up....One of the big things that happened in February was the Daddy/Daughter dance our community center sponsored. We had heard from friends that it was THE thing to do, so we got tickets for Daddy and our girls.

First, we had to get ready. Each girl got a bath, as well as hair dried and in curlers. Plus, we had to do their nails....all in a coordinating color of pink to their dresses! Then they had a bite to eat, and got dressed. You have never seen such primping I promise! It was as fun for me as it was for them. Then Daddy got home, and he put on his suit with matching tie of course! He had matching corsages for each girl as well. After some mandatory pictures, they left with much pomp and circumstance.

The evening was well put together. They had a professional picture done, and danced to everything from "The Twist" to the "Macarena" plenty of sweet slow songs for Daddies to teach their little girls to dance to. I can't tell you who had the most fun....Daddy or his girls! :)

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