Saturday, July 10, 2010


June started off with the girls' ballet recital. That was an adventure (okay more of an ordeal for some of us!) but still a treasured memory, nonetheless. Both girls have taken ballet at the same place this year, a Christian school in the "city". We have loved it! They are receiving the same high-quality instruction as Big Sister got back in Texas, but in a school where everything (music choices, costume choices, etc) is done in a Christ-centered environment. The interesting thing is that Big Sister was on year 3 this year of ballet, and she seems to be not as interested now. This was Little Sister's first year, and she continues to twirl around the living room even now, and insist that you call her Clara from the Nutcracker.

I'm going to try and post videos from the dress rehearsals. Az5 is dancing to "God Bless All the Little Children", and I got weepy during her performance. She smiled so big and was so pleased and proud to be dancing. Az4 is dancing to "America the Beautiful" and enjoyed her a point. She had to wait too long backstage and had a meltdown right before she went on, to the point of almost not getting to dance. But she pulled it together, thanks to another older girl who hugged her and reassured her it was okay to be nervous. Az4 told me later she was soooooooooo glad she had gone ahead and danced - she "would have been really mad at myself if I hadn't!" I was very proud of her, and proud of how she tried so hard to do it all just right. Yes, I was weepy during her performance too!

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