Saturday, July 10, 2010


was the month for the big 4th grade Land Run re-enactment! Oh my goodness - it was so very exciting, especially for those of us that have been waiting so long to do this as a big kid! We had to build a Conestoga wagon from our little red wagon that we take to the zoo, and that was definitely a Mommy project the night before. (I really can live the rest of my life without ever running into that much burlap again!)

The teachers have done a great job on making this so much fun for the kids, and a huge learning experience in the process! They must wear clothing appropriate to the time era, as well as bring an appropriate lunch - no plastic, fried chicken/sandwiches, fresh fruit, no processed chips or anything, as well as in a tin pail and with a tin cup. Then they are divided up into family groups, with "chores" for everyone as soon as they reach their land plot. My son even got to be a sheriff and before the run, had to go arrest some sooners that had tried to start early. Once they reach their land, each family had to rope their section off, set up camp, and even register with the "land office". I was so super impressed - the teachers have really gotten this down to a fine art, and everyone had a blast!

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