Saturday, July 10, 2010


March was busy! We started out by going to the big city car show. Everyone enjoys this one - even us girls that aren't "into" cars. It's just fun to walk around and ooooh and aaaah over the new shiny cars there. We don't believe in any debt for any reason any more in our family, so the price tags become particularly interesting from that viewpoint. Everyone was wowed by the new Jag, but especially the new Camaro...with the Bumblebee emblem! I had to be pulled away from the new minivans, which look really sharp and have tons of new fun features.

We also went to my parents' house over Spring Break, as my dad had just had a BIG birthday. Everyone showed up and surprised him, and it was so nice - it had been at least 2 years since we had everyone together. (Everyone means my parents, my group of 5, my brother, my sister and her crew of 3, my aunt, and even our great aunt.) 13people in one house is a lot of fun and works best with at least 3 bathrooms, I promise! While I don't have any pictures I can post here, we did head to a studio to have some pictures done, and they all turned out great - all 50 million of them!

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