Monday, March 27, 2006

Our Wild and Wacky weekend!

I was looking through old posts the other day (can you believe we've had this site for a year now?) and came upon one where I complained that Fall was always more busier than the Spring. Um, not sure what planet I was on that day - we're plenty busy now!!

Saturday we woke up and headed straight out for Az3's first soccer game of this season. We had to stop at a sports store to get him some new shorts, and ran into Cousin Sc there. He decided to follow us to the game, which was great, as Daddy had to work. I always appreciate an extra pair of hands with the 3 kiddos!! The game was good - a bit cool and windy, but great weather for the beginning of the season. The team did okay - as Sc observed, we seem to have a first and second string. (Since there's 6 on the team right now, everybody gets to play a full half.)
Az3 was on the second string, and they clearly struggled more. Struggled more to keep up with the ball, on defense, on scoring, everything. (Keep in mind the "first" string has coach's son and our tallest players on it.) For a first game, we did pretty well honestly. I told Az3 we'd get out his soccer goal here at home and work on some things with him, mainly I think not stopping during the game and his kicking - improving, but he still feels like he has to stop the ball and kick it perfectly to do anything.

Sunday, I was the only one who went to church - everyone else just stayed home to rest. It was much needed, as we had all been short on sleep since getting back home from our trip. Daddy played Frisbee, and then when he got home, we started work on my garden! Hurray! I'm so excited!!! Pretty much all we did was put up some stakes and fencing to keep the dogs/kids out. Now I need to hit it with the tiller, but I'm probably going to wait til after Easter to start planting. We always have a late freeze around here.

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