Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Gazillion Bubbles

So we got one of those "gazillion bubble" makers today...and it really makes a gazillion bubbles! It was lots of fun - the kids had played with one with their cousins up in Wyoming last summer at B & B's house and loved it. I thought it would be a good Spring Break surprise. The best part, that by far got the most laughs, was the goofy dog (our lab) that kept trying to eat all the bubbles - even jumping to get them, and then not understanding why there wasn't anything in her mouth afterwards. Az3 loved to smash them between his hands - typical boy - while Az4 loved to just barely touch them with her pointer finger. Az5 sat in my lap with a wide-opened mouth the whole time, with her eyebrows up as far as they could go - she was mesmerized!

We went to Lowe's tonight and I'm really excited to start my garden again this year. They had just received one of their first shipments of herbs and veggies to start planting - hurray! I've pretty much figured out how I'm going to do a fence around mine in the backyard to keep out little munchkins and big dogs, so we checked out that option too while we were there, and it's affordable. Yay! All we need to do now is to borrow the tiller from our friends and get going.

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