Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Handsome Lil Cowpoke

Isn't he cute? Everybody in his class was dressed to the 't' today...the little boys in hats, jeans (and let me tell you how funny a 5/6 yr old behind looks in skin-tight Wranglers!!!), and for those who had them, boots. The girls were in skirts or jeans, with that cute red paisley pattern or pink frilly lace on said denim, with most of them sporting pigtails or braids with matching bows on the ends...It was precious! He had a blast, and I was so glad! Interesting thought here...I really hesitated sending him with his gun holster, with the gun in it. Yes it's totally fake, even having a plastic orange cap on the end to prove it, but it was just the way I know schools today have gone way over the deep end with this "no tolerance" for weapons, etc. Email me if you want and I'll send you the link about the kid being kicked out for (I kid you not) tweezers that had a nail file on them. Point to be made: his teacher made no comment, no look, nothing today, whereas he would have been kicked out of our public school without question for that little item. Sigh.................

Then things got really fun, as his friend C came over for the afternoon. They had eaten a hot dog lunch at school, so since the girls were down for a nap already when we got home, they watched Thomas cartoons. Then they proceeded to get all the Thomas engines and tracks out on the living room floor and played only with those...until Az4 woke up. Then I got a computer game going for her, to keep her out of their hair, but they decided that was more fun than Thomas, and wouldn't get out of her hair! We all had a blast this afternoon, but we are all worn out! The kids went to bed at 7pm joke, and no protest either! I'm heading to bed asadad, meaning as soon as the dishes are done...good night!

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