Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Election Day

Today was primary day where we live - both parties holding primaries for everything from county clerk to governor. I took all 3 kids with me this morning to vote, just so they could see how it works. It was pretty amusing, especially through their eyes. Az5 screamed almost the whole time - she was sleepy and almost asleep until we got her out of the car. Az4 was interested in everything. My polling place is at our local elementary, so she had to investigate the cafeteria, the little courtyard, and she stopped cold to watch a class (of I think 2nd graders)walk by. She also entertained the election officials, most of whom were elderly, with her sweet smile and shy "bye". She's never had a shy moment in her life before!

Az3 was really interested in what I was doing. I had talked to him earlier about what a big responsibility voting is, and how not everyone in the world gets to pick who runs their country, etc. He was pretty fascinated by the computer screen and the curtain-thing around it for privacy. He was frustrated at me, that I wouldn't slow down to let him read every single name, but we did have to get him to school. He was so excited about the whole voting thing that he completely forgot his homework and library book. Mom to the rescue!

After Daddy got home, we decided to walk back to the school so he could vote. It was a nice little walk, and we all enjoyed it. Az3 rode his bike, Az4 was supposed to ride in the wagon, but wanted to "walk", and I pushed Az5 in the stroller. When the kids got back to the polls, they informed Daddy about how to vote - be quiet, don't ask people who they voted for, only use one machine! Quite a parade, but it's these little family moments that I love and will cherish forever!

Should be an interesting rest of the week - tomorrow is house clean day, Thursday is "western" day at Az3's school, so he gets to dress up, as well as having his friend C over for the afternoon, and Friday at noon kicks off Spring Break for us. Hurray!

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