Monday, March 06, 2006

Caught up...

on pictures anyways...I think that about gets you where you need to be now.

It was a gorgeous day today - just a bit of wind, too much to be a breeze, but 84 degrees! Woo-hoo! The kids and I played in the front yard for a while this afternoon, with even the baby hanging out in the swing the whole time. Too much fun, especially when I got the bubbles out.

Don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but our thing to work on better this year (not a resolution because those by their very name are meant to be broken) is to have more friends/family over to our house. It can be very tempting to just be a homebody with a baby, especially a 3rd one, so we're trying this, and so far it's working. In February, we had some friends over to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and it was wonderful! The kids had an absolute blast, and so did us "adults"!

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