Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our visit to H-town

was a blast! Fast and furious, but it was a blast! Thursday, we tried to get up and leave early, and managed a 9:00am leave time. We stopped in A-town to visit my friend Tiff and her son G-man, along with her mother, and have lunch, and spent over an hour there. Then it was onto Daddy's aunt and uncle's house (L & M) to say hi to them. It was beeee-you-tiful down there, and the funny thing was, Az4 kept saying they lived in the forest. It was cute, considering there are no trees where we live.

We finally made it to Auntie D's house around oh, 9pm. Yep, a 12-hour day in the car. Friday, we had a lazy start, and ended up at Moody Gardens. We only went to the aquarium, but it was wonderful! The kids loved the sea lions, especially when we went down below and could see them underwater. They would come up to the glass, swimming in the water, and slide up against it on their bellies as they turned to go up for air. We also loved the fish, the sharks, the eels, the giant sea turtles, and the penguins! Then it was off to the beach. What fun! Az4 couldn't understand why we didn't bring her suit - she just walked right up and into the water. Heh-looooooow! We are at the beach!! she seemed to say! Az3 had more fun trying to jump over the waves and splash the rest of us, and also enjoyed picking up shells. The baby wasn't too sure what to think - like she kinda recognized water, as she LOVES taking her baths, but didn't recognize this bathtub!

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