Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our visit to H-town cont'd...

Saturday, Daddy went to A-tin to play frisbee, so we decided to hit the Museum of Natural Science and the butterfly arboretum. We started with the butterflies, and the kids loved it! Az3 tried to pretend he was scared of them, but kinda forgot about it halfway through. ;) I was wearing a black dress with a white leaf pattern on it, and as we were walking through the bottom level, a matching buttefly landed on my knee. It was so neat - I could feel his legs and antennae/mouth moving around on my knee. After a couple of minutes, I started showing him off to people walking by, particularly little kids, as it was apparent he was very comfortable there and not moving for a while. Then I started walking, and he just stayed on for the ride. All told, I think he exlored my right knee cap for a full ten minutes, before deciding the cantaloupe nearby would taste better. Then we hit the dinosaurs exhibit, and Az3 was in Heaven! After running an errand with Auntie K, and getting Az5's first birthday present, we grabbed supper and hit the hay.

The next morning we went to Auntie D and Auntie K's monster mega church. Seriously, it has as many members as most of the local towns here combined. I've never been a part of something that big. We ended up getting there in time for SS, missing the service, which I would have liked to have seen. No matter. I will say I wasn't impressed with their system of helping visitors - we went to a large desk and were given directions to the children's wing of things. Once there, a teenager asked for our information and gave us more directions to everyone's classrooms. Do you happen to know where Suite 14 is? I sure didn't. Now I completely understand that a monster church like that probably can't personally escort every single visitor to their rooms, but as a mommy, if I'm going to drop my children off in your care, it's not too much to expect someone to give me some guidance as to where they will be on the entire church campus.

Off my soapbox now...I went with Auntie K to the singles class she goes to and really enjoyed it. The lesson was on making decisions, and how even letting God direct the little ones can greatly benefit your life. The people were wonderful - very welcoming and friendly. I'm so glad my little sister has such a good group of friends in them. We even went out to eat with them afterwards, and I haven't seen a group of singles goo-goo over any kids, much less mine, like they did - it was very heartwarming.

Side tangent....we saw God's protection over us and our decisions on this trip! We went Friday night (instead of Saturday) to Chuck-E-Cheese's, and saw on the news that on Saturday night a couple of parents had an "incident". It ended with pepper spray and the entire restaurant being cleared. Plus, we decided to take a detour around another major metro area, and as a result, saved some time. We found out later that area ended up having its airports closed due to major thunderstorms we would have been stuck in.

Anyways, that afternoon we saw our friends K & R and their gorgeous house, and then drove back to the beach. It was beautiful - the water was waaaay too cold, but it was still 70-something degrees out and starting to get foggy. Just wonderful enough to enjoy walking along the edge of the water, smelling the spray, feeling the wind in my hair, listening to the waves, collecting shells. Then we went home, ate soup, and crashed. We got up the next day and drove home - after all having a wonderful time!

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