Monday, March 13, 2006

Ash on my window sill

I woke up this morning to ash on my kitchen window sill...inside. No, the house didn't burn down, nothing in my house has even been on fire. It's from all the wildfires around town and in New Mexico. Normally when the wind and dirt blow, we get a little inside the window and around the caulking near the kitchen sink. This morning, there was the usual little brown dirt pile, but this time with ash mixed in. Lovely!

We haven't had any significant rain (meaning more than a quarter-inch) since October. The beginning of October. Now where I live is a drier climate, but this is ridiculous, even for us. I hate it. I have exceptionally dry skin, and this sure doesn't help. Plus, everything is so brown and dry, it's like living in a matchbox - the slightest little thing can set off a wildfire that will burn thousands of acres. Like it did this weekend, resulting in ash on my window sill.

On to more pleasant topics, this was the first day of Spring Break, and we took it really easy. The kids watched a few movies, and we all just basically goofed off here at home. It was so nice to not have to go anywhere, even if Az3 did protest at the end of the day: "I'm ready to go to school tomorrow." It's so cute to watch him at this age - still excited about school and learning and seeing his friends.

Oh, and let me just tell you - don't ever turn your back on Az4 in the bathtub. She'll have standing water on the bathroom floor before you can blink, and you'll have to mop it up with a towel....twice!

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