Sunday, March 12, 2006

A busy weekend!

Whew! We blew around this weekend about as much as the wind - which, for your information, has been blowing between 50-60 mph today. Joy. Especially with the dirt blowing with it. It makes the sun look orange and the sky turns brown. What's really fun is when you go inside, shake your hair, and then your carpet turns brown...or you smile at someone and feel the grit in your teeth. Yippee.

So, Friday, the kids and I jumped in our car with my parents and drove to Wichita Falls to meet my brother from Oklahoma. He didn't know we were coming, so it was a nice surprise for him and his friend Ryan. We had dinner, then my dad left with them back to Oklahoma, while my mom, the kids, and I drove back home. My dad and the guys are currently in Arizona, on their way to Los Angeles, moving my bro and Ryan out there to seek their fortunes. Hopefully they will get there safely tomorrow - obviously any prayers are appreciated!

Then yesterday, I went scrapbooking - hurray! Adult time! Daddy stayed home with the kids, and they all went to see the new VeggieTales movie (Sheerluck Holmes) on the big movie screen at the $2 theatre. It was pretty cute - the local Christian station had several things organized, and Az3 even saw one of his friends there from Kindergarten.

Today was equally busy - we went to church, which was lovely as usual - just a positive wonderful way to start the week. Then we met my friends Jess and Jason and their baby Anna at lunch today - such a HUGE joy for me! Jess is one of my best friends from high school, we went to college together too, and they share our wedding anniversary, although they are a year ahead of us. Anna is their first and is 6 mos old, and looks just like her daddy! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to get to see them today - we keep in touch but to see them in person, after several years, with their baby - man it just made my month!

After crashing at home for a desperately needed nap for a few hours, we were back at it again. My friends C & P had a party for their daughter Elaina - she turned 3! We went over to their house and had a blast as well! The kids had plenty to do - playing with eachother, watching Toy Story 2, eating hamburgers/hot dogs/chips, etc, opening presents, playing some more...It was great for us grownups too - a chance to sit and catch up! Plus, we came home with 2 balloons, cups, and bubbles - what more do you want?

Well I need to get to bed...fortunately it's Spring Break for us, so we don't have to get up and go tomorrow. We are going to H-town to see Auntie K and Grand Auntie D on Thursday, but I'll let you know our plans before we leave. Good night!

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