Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spring is Busting Out All Over!

It has been such a nice week here - temps up in the high 60's to almost 70's. We've spent lots of time outside and are really enjoying everything - from worms to butterflies to the robin family and sidewalk chalk.

It's been really good for azx3 - Mr. "Boundless Energy" has been able to run and yell to his heart's content. Although he was a real stinker today - wouldn't mind for nothing and even gave my sister trouble when she came over to play. Never thought I'd say this, but I am (in some ways) really looking forward to Kindergarten for him next fall. But in others, the idea brings me to tears!!

Azx4 is having fun too - and continuing her language explosion. She now says "biss u" when anyone in earshot sneezes, knows most of her body parts, and a few animals and sounds as well - the "ooser" says "dock-a-doole-doo". She loves blowing bubbles outside, and even picked out her outfit to wear today.

The pictures were taken today. We were outside, fixing to run some errands, and the kids were just running around in the grass. Just started snapping away, and look what I got! Enjoy!

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