Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Love You/Playing in the Snow

The kids and I got all excited on Tuesday, as it started snowing that morning. The weatherman kept changing the forecast: first it was just a dusting, then about 1 inch, then maybe 1-3, and by that afternoon we were watching from 3-5 inches. Hurray! Except, as you can see from the photo, all we got was the dusting. GGGggggrrrrrr! Oh well, Wednesday morning, it was enough to go slush around in. The kids had fun; I sat on the porch with my coffee.

Az#4 said I love you last night for the first time! It was so precious. She was reading a book titled "How Do I Love You?" that we've read often for her bedtime story. She was sitting in the rocking chair, and just started saying "I lah yooooo" over and over as she turned the pages. I even got it on tape!

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