Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spring Break! (right?)

Hurray! It's Spring Break here - not that it matters an awful lot to us pre-school families, but it does make a difference. Az#1 works in a very recognizable retail store, and they have seen their business more than double overnight, plus I'm off of work for a week. Yippee...right? Apparently the weather didn't get the memo - they're talking about snow early Wednesday morning. So much for seeing if we could get the plastic backyard pool out this week...

Although Az#1 has worked so darn hard in the backyard!!! I wish I could describe it to you. When we moved in, we had around 4-5 patches of grass, 14 trees, and 2 stumps. (not even a partridge for our pear tree....) We are now able to see the fence all the way around, and we are down to 2 stumps and 3 trees. It is such a dramatic difference! The dogs seem to love it, and so do the kids - so much more sunshine, less shade, more room to run, etc. I'm hoping it translates into more grass in the bare spots as well.

Az#3's favorite tv show is "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". He just loves it - he knows all the names of the people, catches on to the families' situations so quickly, and loves the reveal parts. He even has a favorite "design team member": Paul. So this has become our Sunday night tradition - we must plan supper around this show. It doesn't bother me since he watches so little tv anyways. But it cracks me up about how serious he is about the show: Where's Tracy in this episode? Where's Ty's megaphone? We watched tonight's episode about the little girl making over her hospital cancer ward, and it just brought me to tears - like the episodes usually do anyways - but in the "special effort to hug my kids cause they're not that sick" way. I can't begin to imagine what those familes go through, but I can understand how completely it hogs your life in some small way - the way Az#3's therapy used to - we would schedule life, sometimes even when we went to church functions, around whether or not we would have what type of therapy that day. Again, only scratching the surface of what these families deal with on a daily basis, and they are in my prayers.

And then Lil Miss Az#4 helped me cook tonight - we've had a couple of really sweet Mommy/Daughter moments this weekend. (And the boys have had their own which I'll get to in a minute.) Friday night was date night. Like we haven't had in a looooooooooooooong time, and I have to brag: Mr. Az outdid himself! A dozen peach roses, supper I didn't have to cook - and that was all before we even left!!! Anyways, I was getting ready, and decided that since it was warm, I would wear some open-toed shoes, which as any woman worth her salt knows, meant dragging out the nail polish. Az#4 wandered in while I was working on this endeavor, and ten minutes later, we both had "pretty purple toes"!!! So cute, so precious! (You girls know what I'm talking about...) She'll even sit down now anytime any where to pull off any and all socks/shoes to show them off to you. Then tonight I was making a pepperoni roll, and she drug her lil step-stool in the kitchen without any prompting to help. And help she did - throwing away trash, beating the eggs, and getting flour in every single crevice in her little body. Such a sweetheart - I think Mama had more fun than she did!!

Friday, Az#1 was weeding and mowing in the front yard. He had moved to the serious, do-nothing-til-the-grass-is-cut part of things, and pulled the lawnmower out into the grass. He started it up, and started the back-and-forth of things. Then, with no prompting, Az#3 grabbed his bubble mower and puttered exactly behind him - matching him push for push and stripe for stripe. I stood at the front window and watched - just amazed at how proudly a little boy copied his daddy, wondering what lesson he was learning even then, and continued love for a man who can see something as insignificant as grass-cutting for the importance it has to his son, and alter his own activities to accomodate little legs and questions. Filed under the "children absolutely make you love your spouse infinitely more"!!!!!!!

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