Wednesday, July 08, 2009

VBS 2009

We had sooooooooooo much fun at VBS this year! Az5 got to go, since I was a teacher, and had her own class. Az3 and Az4 each had their own classes, and it was great to see them doing their own thing each day. I taught 4/5 grade crafts, and it was really nice. (Hint hint Faye, I would do that!)

Our theme was The Boomerang Express - It All Comes Back to Jesus, and our church had a magnificent stage - the locomotive even blew steam out its smoke stack! The kids loved singing the songs and doing the motions, and were always excited to go to their classes. (Except Az5 on the last day, but we were all tired then...) My kids were great - we had prayed over our classroom and hallways the Sunday before it started, so what did you expect? ;) ) and we had really good crafts to do as well: rain stick, boomerang, ABCs of salvation bracelet, stepping stones, and bandannas.

Thursday night, we had a Family Night - everyone came back up to church around 6 for food, jumpers for the kids, touring the classes, a small worship service, and the coolest little animal show. A local place had brought in some animals from Australia, and they did a great job of tying the animals to our theme as well as to the lessons the kids had learned during VBS. Overall, I think it was probably one of the best VBS' we have ever been to, and I am so thankful for a church that thinks VBS is important as well as all the people that helped - especially with my kiddos!

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cmjj said...

How fun!!! My kids get to go to VBS next week, I am so glad. They didn't get to go last year since we had just moved and were not really familiar with the area yet. I can't wait to see what they learn!