Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Somebody is a big girl now!

While we were gone on my "dental" vacation, Az5 decided to give up the paci. This was a BIG deal, as she was previously sleeping with 2 - one in the hand, one in the mouth. I'd never replaced them, and so right before we left, she threw one away of her own accord - it was "yucky"....translation: she had chewed a hole in it and couldn't suck on it any more. So, after we got to Grammy's house, she tried to throw the other one away. I told her to wait and give it to the B Fairy (thank you Supernanny!) and she agreed.

That night, while she didn't really give it to the B Fairy, she went to bed without asking for it. So the B Fairy came anyway, took the "B" (for Binky...) back to B land, and left her a new big Groovy Girls doll that she can sleep with instead. She was sooooo excited to open it, and find that the doll has her own sleeping bag.

Now she did ask for the B back a few times later on the trip, but my reply was that I didn't have it to give to her - the B Fairy had taken it. So her reply was,"Just go to the store and get me a new one please." LOL! Such a smarty pants! We didnt', and while she now doesn't seem to be terribly thrilled with the doll, she hasn't asked for the B since we got home.

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