Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Dental Vacation

So, I went to the dentist in April, and I had to have a really icky root canal done on one of my molars. (Long story short: we went 7-8 yrs w/o dental insurance and thus didn't see a dentist, and now I am in payback mode...) My dentist said I needed to see a root canal specialist, an endodontist, and so I started searching for one. Not a single one where we live. So I searched my parents' neck of the woods. Nada. Zip. My options came up to seeing my brother, sister, or my in-laws. I chose them because neither my sister or brother really have the space for me and the kids to invade like we would need to for this trip.

So we then decided to hit my parents' house and stay a couple of nights on our way to Grammy and Papa's for the actual appointments. It is only 15-16 hours if we didn't stop...We were there for my mom's birthday which was nice, and it really helped to break up the trip - especially their swimming pool!

We had a great time at Grammy and Papa's house too. The endodontist there was superb!! I'd go again to him if he'd just move his office closer. ;) We played at a park one day, went swimming at the country club one day, and even got to see Uncle JD one day too. Then we drove back home, stopping again at GrandMommy's house for a night, and we were all sooooooooo glad to be home by the time we got back. (Even though we really had a blast! We were gone for 8 days...)

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