Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This year we went to GrandMommy and GranDaddy's house, from Thursday night until Monday afternoon. We had a blast! We truly swam our guts out all day Friday and Saturday there, but the weather didn't cooperate on Sunday. That ended up being better anyways - we were all so tired, I don't think we could have enjoyed another day in the pool!

My mom cooked her usual gourmet meals while we were there: cornbread with blackeyed peas and fried okra, grilled steaks with mashed potatoes, and then of course we just had to force ourselves to eat leftovers on Sunday! We had a blast with our illegal sparklers in their backyard on the 4th, and really enjoyed watching the New York city and Boston fireworks shows on TV - but have to confess that Boston's was better - better music and just better fireworks overall.

We were so excited to see our friends and family while we were there too! I got to see a good friend from work days at lunch on Friday, at one of my faves - Rosa's! Yum....getting hungry just thinking about it. :) Plus Cousin Scott and his wife Lanissa came over that afternoon - she is so cute and preggers now. (And we're thankful that their ultrasound on Tuesday not only showed them what they wanted to see but that Little Fitz is healthy too!) We also visited our old church on Sunday morning - being a holiday not a lot of people were there, but we were so blessed to see old friends and hug some necks. Plus, Sunday night we went over to our very good friends' house to play and run around and pop "big" firecrackers. The kids were so cute - they oooohed and aaahhhed appropriately all night long!

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