Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Vacation Day 4

After arriving safely at GrandMommy's house, we woke up the next day ready to have fun! Auntie K & I decided to take the kids swimming at the old pool that our dear Grandmother had always taken us to in the summer. We got there & realized that time has not been the kindest to Sun N Fun. When we grew up swimming there, it was a private pool requiring a membership, which meant it was one of the best places in town. It had 2 of the tallest diving boards I've ever seen anywhere & a slide. Now it 's a Y-Pool, and the slides & diving boards are gone. It has a zero-entry kids' area (the old kiddie pool stands empty on the other side) as well as a splash pad. It almost hurt to see how it has not aged well but the kids were ready to swim so into the water we went. And then I had to smile: here I was with my kids & my niece, swimming along the lines on the bottom, throwing diving sticks for them to find - all just like I did with my grandmother. My kids are such good swimmers that we all jumped in & touched the bottom in the deep end (I think 10 feet deep), & my youngest swam all the way across the deep end without help or stopping! Plus we stopped at Bahama Buck's on the way home, went out to Olive Garden that night for my Mom's birthday, and that my friends was a really fun day!

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